Give the Gift of Healthy Meals this Year

You still have time.  Despite the fact that it’s mid-December and you’re not done with your holiday shopping, there’s still time to order a meal plan from  And not just any meal plan, but a meal plan that offers meals that not only taste good, they’re good for you as well.

Also, a meal plan from is the gift that keeps on giving…kinda like the jelly-of-the-month-club gift Clark W. Griswold received from his boss, in lieu of a Christmas bonus, in the classic holiday movie, Christmas Vacation.  Our meals will be delivered as often as you desire, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for as long as you like.  It’s like receiving holiday gifts all year long.

As we’ve discussed before in other posts, we offer a variety of meals for those with specific dietary restrictions such as gluten and dairy free; diabetic and dialysis friendly; low fat, sodium and carb; portion controlled; vegetarian and senior meals.  However, generally speaking, our non-restrictive meals (general meals?) are healthy in their own right.  Usually comprised of an entrée, vegetable and side, these meals provide one with a nice balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, while keeping empty calories to a minimum.

Our chefs spend a great deal of time planning and preparing our meals (which eventually become yours) to ensure that they’re both delicious and nutritious.  Therefore, if you have a friend or family member who you fear isn’t getting the nutrition they require, then our healthy meals make the perfect gift.

Often when we agonize over what gifts to give.  We are torn between what we believe our friends and family need or want.  You know the deal, should I get dad the medic alert bracelet or the case of Guinness?  Well, with our healthy meals you’ll be getting him something that he both needs and wants (he just might not know it yet).

No matter what type of food your gift recipient prefers, we’ve got you covered from beef, to poultry, to pork, to seafood, to pasta.  We also have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered as well.  All our meals are flash frozen shortly after cooking to ensure they arrive as fresh as possible at any doorstep you desire.  They just need to be kept frozen until it’s time to enjoy them.  Then, simply defrost them and heat them in the magical microwave and serve.  Even my teenage sons could handle that…I think.

So, if you’re suffering from gift giver’s block (similar to writer’s block) or if you’ve considered meal plans from before, just visit here to learn more and then start browsing here

Not only will your recipient be extremely satisfied, so will you knowing that the people you love are eating well and secure in the fact that you gave, in the words of Clark W. Griswold’s cousin Eddie, “…the gift that keeps on giving.”


Christmas Meals Made Easy

Rather than delay my main point with some inane humor, I’ll get straight to it. can make your holidays a whole lot easier and less stressful by removing the tedious tasks of shopping for, preparing and cooking meals for your holiday gatherings and not just the all-important meal on Christmas Day.

Remember, the holiday season goes on (and on) for over a month and whether you’re hosting friends and family for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day, Boxing Day (Google it) or any other holiday gathering,’s got you covered.

If you read my Thanksgiving post on this topic, from last month or last year, then you fully understand how accomplishes this truly underappreciated feat. If, on the other hand, this is the first post you’ve read, then please allow me to explain.  Simply stated, when it comes to your holiday meals, we do it all, short of setting the table and serving the delicious dishes we offer to your guests.

Our chefs prepare the meals and cook them to perfection.  These meals are then flash frozen to ensure that when you do serve them, they’re as fresh as the day they were cooked.  We then pack your selections in dry ice and ship them right to your door.  You then plan the time and place to enjoy your delectable dinner.  You, our esteemed host, then get to spend time with friends and family rather than laboring in a hot kitchen.

I’m guessing the most difficult part of this entire process will be deciding what meals or dishes to order from our extensive list of options.  You can order entire holiday meals, from entrée to sides to dessert, or select individual dishes from our a la carte menu to ensure you please everyone at your table.

Obviously, we have the holiday favorites of complete turkey and ham dinners, but we also offer unique alternatives such as Chicken Ana Luisa, Cordon Bleu or Parmigiana, crab cakes, and for the vegetarians on your guest list, Eggplant Parmigiana or Portobello-Shiitake mushroom ravioli.

If you decide to avail yourself of our al a carte services, we offer the entrées listed above, but what about the sides and desserts?  Well, you can choose from apple and sage stuffing, broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, buttered carrots, French green beans with mushrooms and cream sauce, and, of course, our absolutely magic mashed potatoes.  Heck, you can even order turkey gravy if you like.  When I said’s got you covered, I wasn’t lying.

There you have it, the easy way to make Christmas meals easier…oops, forgot to mention the crowning end to any holiday meal; dessert!  Yes, we have pumpkin pie (six or eight inch), but how about some Dutch apple pie, panna cotta, raspberry rhubarb pie, or tiramisu?  Those choices should satisfy even the most discerning dessert lover at your gathering.

If you’ve used our services in previous years, then I’m preaching to the choir.  If you haven’t tried us for your holiday meal(s), then make this the year that you allow us to take care of the cooking and remove some of the stress from your holiday season.  Get started here:


Unique Christmas Cookie Recipes

Sure, you could grab a tube of chocolate chip or sugar cookie dough from your local grocery store and “bake” a batch of Christmas cookies for friends and family, but so could I and I know virtually nothing about baking.

What you’re looking for this holiday season is the “WOW” factor.  You know, that “WOW” reaction you get when friends/family both see and eat your little confectionary creations.  You’re looking to create delectable works of cookie art, your Last Supper, your David, your Pieta, your Birth of Venus…OK, you just want to bake some cookies that taste as good as they look.

After scouring the internet baking sites (in this case, “scouring” implies visiting at least a dozen or so sites) I came up with the following list of cookie masterpieces and I tried, as much as humanly possible, not to select the recipes based on personal preference, but I’m sure a few  recipes snuck (or is it “sneaked”) in through my subconscious.  I blame my mother.

  • Christmas tree meringue cookies – Man, “meringue” is a difficult word to spell…anyway, the main reason I chose this recipe, other than the fact that meringue is like frozen cotton candy, is for their aesthetic value and the numerous decorating options available. You can actually create your own forest of mini-meringue Christmas trees. The recipe is at the bottom after scrolling through all the BS (excuse my French) on the page.
  • Pistachio kiss pudding cookies – Ok, this might be one of those recipes that made the list based on personal preference as I love pistachios and pudding. I bathe in that combination every so often.  Just warn any revelers that might have a nut allergy.
  • Nutella stuffed gingersnap cookies – I believe the FDA has determined that Nutella is as addictive as crack. I jest, of course, but it seems like an academic study would reach that conclusion.  Unlike boring gingersnap cookies that “snap” into pieces when you bite them and then tear up the roof of your mouth, these cookies are soft, gooey and come with a Nutella center.  Again, the nut allergy thing as Nutella is made with hazelnuts.
  • Cranberry bliss cookies – White chocolate cream cheese frosting and cranberries? Are you kidding me?  I think this recipe has been responsible for the near over-eating deaths of numerous people in several mid-western states and European countries.
  • Peppermint hot chocolate cookies – According to the hype surrounding these cookies, they taste just like hot chocolate so I’m assuming they should be consumed warm to achieve the full effect. Soft cookies topped with dark chocolate and crushed candy cane just smells like Christmas.

Any one of the above recipes will make you the envy of the family and king or queen of the kitchen.  So, get baking, just be sure not to pull a Scarface and consume all that you produce.


Senior Gift Ideas

They’re old and you love them but finding the right gift for the elderly people in your life can be a real pain in the nutcracker.  Do you get them something practical and safety-related, like a medical alert device, or do you get them something they will enjoy, like tickets to the theater?  Yeah, I know, tough choices, right?

I’ve been debating these gift choices ever since my parents became septuagenarians more than a decade ago.  Being a light-hearted fellow, I usually go for the gifts that poke fun at the elderly, like a senior texting code coffee mug with such timeless texting acronyms as: GHO – got heartburn again, OMMR – on my massage recliner and WAITT – who am I talking to?

Anyhoo, we here at are here to help (even if you’re not purchasing any of our delicious meals that are perfect for seniors…but I digress).  Below are a variety of senior gift ideas, from the practical to the compassionate to the just plain silly…

  1. Weighted blanket – No matter what gift site for seniors I visited, this was listed on every one. It seems to be the gift of the season for old folks.  I hate to say it, but it reminds me of those thundershirts for dogs, except it’s for the elderly and they’re described in similar terms.  Learn more here:
  2. Prodyne cheese slicer – My 83-year-old father still enjoys some quality cheese with his fine wine. However, I was forced to disarm him a few weeks ago as he struggled to slice some white Stilton with a knife Jason would be proud of.  This nifty product, that is quite a bit safer than the short sword my father was using, can be viewed here:  And throw in a box of the recipient’s favorite cheeses to complete the gift.
  3. Towel Warmer – From the Island of Unnecessary Gifts comes the towel warmer and one would be hard pressed to find a more appropriate senior gift. When my two boys were young, my wife and I would heat their towels in the dryer prior to removing them from the tub and more snuggly they could not be.  Well, that snuggliness never gets old.  Here you go:
  4. Posture Stand – Whether the old one in your life writes, reads, works with a laptop or desktop or watches YouTube Vids, this adjustable stand allows them to do so with the perfect posture. And it permits them to do all this at a desk, on the couch, in bed, or even on the floor.  Investigate it here:
  5. Weather Station — Let’s face it, old people (especially men) are obsessed with the weather. Hell, even I find myself heading down that road in my mid-50s.  Well, this little gem scratches that itch more than any weather person ever could.  Check one out here:
  6. Talking Photo Album – Let’s face it, old people are obsessed with photographs and this photo album feeds that obsession in a wholly new manner. It allows you to fill it with photos with personalized messages for each one.  Here’s a deluxe version:
  7. Toilet Seat Riser – It doesn’t get more practical than this. For many seniors, getting off the throne isn’t as easy as it once was and this product alleviates that problem.  I personally prefer the model with handles.  I mean, why not bring the arms into use as well as the legs?  Shop here:

Hopefully one of the above seven ideas meets your gift giving needs.  If not, there’s always a meal program from…but I digress.

BTW, here’s the mug I referenced in my opening paragraph:


How to Set up a Meal Plan for Seniors

Yeah, I know, the holidays are almost upon us and the last thing you want to think about is meal planning for the elderly person(s) in your life.  But you know you worry about whether your elderly parents or grandparents are eating enough and/or if they’re eating properly.  Well, the folks here at can help take that worry out of your life and, more importantly, improve the well-being of your senior family members in the process.

The process for creating a senior meal plan is simple, straight forward, affordable and entirely under your control in terms of the number and types of meals you would like delivered.  If you desire, you can have as many as three meals delivered for every day or decide that the meal recipient only needs several meals per week.  It’s entirely up to you…and the recipient, of course.

As for the cost, if you set up a recurring meal plan, the meals are offered to you at a discounted rate of $11-$12 per meal depending on the specific meals selected.  So, if you decided to purchase three meals per day…let’s see, that’s 21 meals per week…carry the 3…that works out to $225-$250 per week for every meal of every day.

And remember, those meals are made to order, prepared and cooked by our chefs, flash frozen and then delivered straight to your parent’s door.  What would it cost you to purchase those same meals from a local restaurant and have them delivered or to travel to the local grocery store, purchase all the ingredients and then prepare and cook them?  Yeah, probably more.

Yet another added benefit is that you can order your meal plan for the elderly in your life with their dietary restrictions in mind.  Whether they require low cholesterol, diabetic, low sodium, gluten free, or dialysis friendly meals, we’ve got you covered.  Other dietary concerns we can address are dairy free, portion controlled, low fat, low carb, and vegetarian.  Let’s see a restaurant or grocery store do that.

As for your involvement in the meal selection process, you can have as much or as little as you like.  Obviously, if the senior in your life has dietary restrictions, your choices are somewhat limited.  However, if there are no dietary restrictions, the sky’s the limit…OK our ginormous menu is your only limiting factor.  You can order entire meals that include entrée, sides and dessert or you can use our A la carte menu to only select your favorites.  Or you can permit us to choose the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) within the guidelines you set.

Finally, you can choose our “auto ship” option to have the meals delivered weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on what works best for you and the senior receiving the meals.  Oh yeah, almost forgot…there’s no binding contract to sign.  Simply order the meals as needed or have them auto shipped secure in the knowledge that you can cancel at any time.

See, meal planning for the elderly in your life does not have to be a complicated process.  We here at make it as streamlined as possible and allow you to have as much or as little involvement as you would like.  Get started here:


Start Your Christmas Shopping Now. Yes, Now!

In case you haven’t noticed, holiday catalogues have begun showing up in your mailbox, holiday displays are up in some stores, and holiday movies (at least on the Hallmark channel) and commercials are appearing on the television…all before Halloween!  What’s a consumer to do?  Don’t fight it, that’s what.  I constantly hear the common refrain of, “Christmas arrives earlier and earlier every year.  They can’t make me shop before I’m ready!” from my parents, wife and various friends.  You know what?  I learned years…decades ago, to just roll with it.  When the pumpkins show up on porches, I start Christmas shopping and here’s why…

  • Avoid all the chaos, crowds and concomitant stress associated with them. Why not eliminate your inner procrastinator for a few months and get ‘er done.  Imagine leisurely meandering through empty stores in search of that perfect gift or spending some serious time online crafting an awesome personalized gift for that special person in your life…all in a stress-free environment.  Ahhhh, I need some chamomile tea.
  • Save money…as studies show that people spend more when “panic shopping” at the last minute and they often times purchase a gift that the recipient neither needs nor wants. Take some time and plan out your gift purchases (it’s called a budget) and save.  You can also save money with online purchases by avoiding exorbitant, last-minute shipping charges.
  • Gives you more time to locate bargains and not just on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Many brick-and-mortar stores and online retailers offer discounts prior to Thanksgiving, particularly on the Monday prior to turkey day according to professional shopping experts.  I didn’t know such a thing existed until I researched this post.
  • Allows you ample opportunity and time to ensure you purchase gifts your recipients will just adore. In other words, it gives you plenty of time to put some thought and effort into the gift giving process.  Rather than get dad yet another tie, why not spend a little time and design him a heartfelt personalized gift here:
  • The stores are just now getting in their Christmas stock which means you have a full choice of selections, sizes, styles and colors. If you wait until the there’s only one page left on your calendar, you just might be forced to settle on a gift that fails in one or more categories.
  • You get to spread your spending out over two months rather than two weeks and that matters when that credit card bill shows up in January after you did all your Christmas shopping during the days just prior to Christmas. ‘Tis better to take two small hits rather than a single large one.  I think I got that line from a long-forgotten Christmas carol.

I consider Christmas shopping to be similar to an extended hunting expedition, but instead of searching for critters to kill I’m hunting for bargain gifts that match my recipients wants as closely as possible.  And, obviously, the sooner one begins that hunt, the better the end results.  Good (gift) Hunting and Happy Holidays!


Thanksgiving Meals Are In! Get ‘em While They’re Hot!

Well, they actually arrive at your door after being flash frozen and packed in dry ice, so the whole “get ‘em while they’re hot” thing is a bit of a misnomer, but you get the idea.  Anyway, the most important section of the above title is the first part…Our Thanksgiving meals are in and it’s time to make your orders to ensure they arrive prior to the 22nd of November.

Think of it, you dread the thought of planning, shopping for, preparing and cooking the big meal right?  So, avoid the following traditional, outdated process prior to serving up the turkey with all the fixins’:

  1. Drive to a crowded grocery store with too few cashiers and too many out-of-service self-check-out aisles, then schlep all those over-priced groceries back home.
  2. The pre-dawn alarm wakes you on Thanksgiving morning (after a Thanksgiving eve of over-indulgence perhaps?) to baste the bird and stuff it in the oven.
  3. Chop, dice, slice, mince, mash, julienne, brunoise and chiffonade (those last two were new to me…Google ‘em for more info) the potatoes, sweet potatoes, salad ingredients, side dishes and fruits for those pies.
  4. Spend the entire morning and early afternoon in the kitchen boiling, broiling, baking, frying, sautéing, and steaming all that food while your friends and family enjoy the company of one another.
  5. Serve your dinner.
  6. Pass out on the couch from exhaustion while your friends and family continue the festivities.
  7. Wake up the next morning and wonder why you just put yourself through all that when could have done it all for you.

Here’s how the process could/should have gone:

  1. Browse through’s Thanksgiving menu here: while sipping coffee from your favorite mug, snuggled on the couch in your favorite pajamas.
  2. Select from our wide selection that includes a sliced turkey dinner with Apple Sage Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Mashed Sweet Potatoes, French Green Beans in Mushroom Cream Sauce, extra Gravy and Cranberry-Orange Sauce with rolls and Pumpkin Pie. Or go with our deluxe holiday dinner with ham that serves 1-4 and includes scalloped potatoes, Brussel sprouts with bacon, green beans in mushroom cream sauce and Dutch apple pie.  Yeah, I’m suddenly hungry too!
  3. Place your order secure in the fact that our trained chefs have prepared and cooked your meal to perfection.
  4. Rush to the door with a self-satisfied smile after your meal is delivered well ahead of turkey day because you heeded my warning about ordering early.
  5. Unpack your meal and place it in your freezer until Thanksgiving chuckling to yourself because you know you get to skip the trip to the grocery store, the pre-dawn wake-up call, and all that prep work and cooking.
  6. Sleep off that hangover on Thanksgiving morning and still have plenty of time to heat and serve your fully cooked, delicious meal.
  7. Spend quality time with friends and family before and after the big meal rather than being isolated in the kitchen for half the day.

When looking at the two above lists, why would anyone choose the first options?  Give yourself a much deserved break and hang out with your friends and family this Thanksgiving…for perhaps the first time.  Happy Thanksgiving and bon appetit!


Ten Tips to Make Your Holidays Less Stressful

Yep, they’re almost here…dun dun duuuuun…the dreaded and simultaneously loved holidays.  That joyous and reviled time of gorging, family gatherings, awkward conversations, parties, over indulging, gift giving (and receiving), baking, online shopping, greeting cards, credit card debt, holiday music, giant frozen birds, the passing of yet another year, and that inevitable stress.  And while holiday stress is inevitable,  it can be reduced.  How? You ask…by following these ten stress-reducing tips:

  1. Clean up the clutter in your house. Prepare for the holidays by making room for new things, unexpected guests and lots of food.  Go through your closets, fridge, freezer and pantry to get ready for that flood of food, gifts and guests that arrive with the holidays.
  2. Create a budget and gift list despite the fact that you hate making both. List all the people for whom you plan to buy gifts, the maximum amount you plan to spend for each person, and a few gift ideas for each.  And STICK TO IT!
  3. Host or attend holiday card writing, baking and/or wrapping (not rapping) parties. Yes, these are things.  You’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll get those cards written and addressed, cookies baked, and gifts wrapped in the company of friends and with the assistance of a few glasses of wine.
  4. Keep a supply of “universal” gifts on hand for unexpected gift giving. What’s a “universal” gift?  A gift that can be given to just about anyone from your child’s teacher to a new co-worker.  They include: ubiquitous gift cards, bottle of wine, candles, coffee, hat/gloves/scarves, or baked goods.  My wife bakes and bags spiced pecans and gifts them by the dozens (to those without nut allergies).  If you buy more than you need, gift them to yourself.
  5. Save time and gas, shop online whenever humanly possible. Rather than making yourself presentable to the public, simply stay in your Sponge Bob pajamas, grab a cup of coffee, crank Taylor Swift, and shop from the comfort of your couch.  Then, after you’ve purchased your gifts, have them delivered straight to the giftee.
  6. Have your holiday meal(s) delivered by…oh, I don’t know, maybe You’ll be amazed how having an entire pre-cooked meal delivered to your door relieves holiday stress.
  7. Wrap your presents as you get them, then hide them. If you wait until the eve of the big day to wrap presents, you’ve just created a stressful situation.  This tip avoids that stressful situation…duh!
  8. Stock up on holiday foods and alcohol for those awesome unexpected guests that arrive during the holidays. Just ensure you and your family like the food and drink you purchase so that they’ll be consumed if those unexpected guests unexpectedly don’t show up.
  9. If you’re traveling, go with gift cards rather than bulky presents. That way, you can fit all your gifts in your pocket.  Think of the stress avoided, especially if you’re flying.
  10. Don’t forget to take care of you! If you find the holiday stress getting to you, take a break.  Hit the spa, get a massage or mani/pedi, take in a movie, or simply find a quiet happy place and stay there for a while.

Yes, most of us have a love/hate relationship with the holidays.  These tips should tip the scales toward the “love” side.  Happy Holidays!


8 Perfect Meals for Fall

Here are our eight most ideal fall meals, we hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Warming, comforting, and just all around delicious, these meals are available now at!

  • Chicken Parmigiana

    Breaded chicken breast in a rich tomato sauce, smothered with cheese.

  • Penne With Meatballs & Tomato Sauce

    An old world recipe of traditional penne pasta & tender beef meatballs.

  • Family Size Chicken Pot Pie

    Flaky pastry, big chunks of white and dark meat with vegetables, all in a delicious gravy.

  • Mama's Beef Lasagna

    Your mom's lasagna made even better!

  • Steak Burgundy in Pastry

    Tasty beef tenderloin pieces wrapped in a pastry shell for a perfect presentation.

  • Chicken and Rice Vegetable Soup

    Send it to a sick friend, take it for lunch, or have a simple dinner with this and one of our gourmet flatbreads.

  • Beef Teriyaki

    Savory classic done just right! A very mild version of this Japanese favorite.

  • Coming Soon!

    Thanksgiving dinners to make your holiday easy and delicious!


Best Gift Ideas for Senior Citizens

Yeah, I know it’s only the beginning of October, but it’s time to begin at least THINKING about the holidays and, by extension, senior gift ideas.  And it’s my job to provide you with a list of gift ideas for the seniors in your life, especially if that senior is you…nothing wrong with purchasing a gift for yourself while shopping for others.  I do it all the time when I write a gift idea post…I’ll let you know which item I purchase for myself at the end of this post.

So, when thinking about gifts for seniors, the debate always centers on whether to get them something they want or something they need.  I’ve always been of the belief that the two can be combined.  For example, new walking/hiking shoes would fall into that category, especially if the pair in question haven’t been replaced since a Bush was in the White House.  Therefore, the following gift ideas are both practical and, to a certain degree, unnecessary or at least not vital for our survival.

Reminder Rosie is a personalized voice-controlled reminder system that eliminates the need for strings on fingers like those used by Uncle Billy in It’s a Wonderful Life.  Completely voice-activated, this low-tech alarm clock also permits anyone to record up to 25 reminders, by day, week or date, for the senior in your life.  Simply “wake” Rosie up with your voice and then record your reminder.  It can be used to remind anyone to take their meds, about upcoming appointments or to buy a holiday gift for mom or dad.  Learn more here:

Personalized gift baskets allow you to do just what the name implies…customize a gift basket for any senior on your gift list.  Got a golfer on that list, then design a golf themed gift basket.  How about an amateur artist?  The how about a basket full of paints and brushes?  Get the idea?  Then check out one DIY gift basket site here:

Ergonomic kitchen items definitely fall under the category of useful gifts for the elderly.  These gadgets allow seniors with arthritis and other ailments to remain active in the kitchen and to feel comfortable eating at the dinner table with friends and family again.  From non-slip place mats to weighted silverware to bottle openers, this site has it all:

Lap desks allow the elderly with mobility issues to remain in their favorite chair (so long as it doesn’t look as bad as Archie Bunker’s) and write letters, read, eat, work on a laptop, etc.  Warning: they tend to disappear and end up in the laps of other family members, so do yourself a favor and find one you like here:

Fleece or microfiber blankets and throws are one of the best gift ideas for older parents or any senior citizen on your list, especially during the holiday season.  It’s a generally accepted fact that the elderly tend to be chilly while younger folks are quite comfortable and this gift idea solves that problem.  Check out a wide variety here:

Home delivered meal packages ensure that seniors who, for whatever reason, don’t like to cook, get healthy and delicious meals delivered to their door on a regular and recurring basis.  And these meals can be tailored to meet their nutritional and medical needs.  Make your meal selections and order them here:


There you have it, a variety of gift ideas for seniors.  Choose the one that best fits the needs of the senior on your list and remember, it’s never too early to think about holiday gift giving ideas.  Oh yeah, the gift I purchased for myself while researching this article…I couldn’t resist buying an electric Sherpa microfiber blanket with the cold winter months on the way and I got one for my wife so we’re not fighting over it come January.