Five Luxury Corporate Gifts

People are Awesome.

Your people are awesome, too, and you want to show them how much they’re appreciated. Here are some ideas for luxury corporate gifts.

1. Our Appreciation Package. 4 complete meals and 2 desserts.

2. Sisyphus Book End/Award – This book end makes an awesome corporate gift or award “In recognition of tireless effort against all odds”. Kinda silly-looking though.

3.  Want to go REALLY high-end? How about this $38,000 iPhone?  Stuart Hughes iPhone 3GS – 22ct Solid Gold and Diamond

4.  Knife Set Extraordinaire. This is nice for the employee who loves to cook: Victorinox 8-Piece Stamped Block Set – great knives in a beautiful knife block, custom imprinted.

5. Our  Thank You Bundle runs $215 for 7 full meals and desserts.

Melody, blogger