Treat your Mother right on Mother’s Day

If you’re not able to visit your mother on this upcoming Mother’s Day,  the next best thing is a package of  HomeStyle meals. One thing you know is what your parents like to eat. I remember my father would order the same thing every time he went to a restaurant. My mother wasn’t much different, for her it was always a shrimp or prawn dish.

Mom would have loved the Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo, and Dad, a meat-eater, would have gone nuts for the Osso Buco with Magic Mashed Potatoes.

What do your parents like to eat best? Do you have any stories about visits to restaurants when you were kids? I remember our big night out for birthdays was a Hawaiian restaurant where the high ceiling was painted dark blue and hung with small lights to resemble stars. You crossed a small stream over a picturesque bridge to enter the restaurant. It was the height of luxury to my 15-year-old self!

Another favorite was an authentic Italian restaurant where the meals were served with real Parmigiano Reggiano, a first for us at the time. If your mother loves Italian food, but can’t get out to enjoy it, you can make her day by bringing over our Italian Lover’s package and making it for her. It can be a mother-and-children feast she will remember for years.

Enjoy your mothers this year, and send your stories if you have them!

Melody, blogger.