Senior Meal Plans

I’ve been writing a lot about senior meal plans lately, on various web pages. Senior nutrition is a really serious issue in the country. Other countries, too. Here’s a good video about how to cook for a senior.

You may have an elderly friend or relative that you visit regularly and worry about. You can cook for them, based on the video above, or have meals delivered. Of course meals on wheels is a well-known resource. We think’s  senior meal plans are a cut above.  There’s a large variety of meals, and two menus to choose from.

I don’t usually spend a whole blog concentrating on only, but I really think this senior meal plan is something to talk about. Here’s how it goes.

You call in and tell the person who answers the phone that you’re interested in a meal plan. The first thing you’ll find is that there’s no commitment! How many times will you see that in a meal plan? The staff member will talk you through the kinds of foods you like, and arrange to send an order. You’ll receive the order and try the meals, and then someone will follow up with you.

If you’re interested in establishing a meal plan, it goes on file with your likes and dislikes, things you’re allergic to, dietary needs. etc. And your meals will be hand-picked and sent out to you. OK. Sit back and be amazed. How many companies do that for you? It means if you don’t like broccoli (George Bush Sr.), you won’t get broccoli. Period.

You can call in and tell us that you didn’t particularly like a certain meal (or that you absolutely loved another), and that will be taken into account in future orders. Plus you get a discount on every shipment. Personal touches like that, in my opinion, make this senior meal plan better than any other. By the way, you don’t have to be a senior to take advantage of this!

Ok, you’re thinking. What if my circumstances change and I can’t afford the meals anymore? How much does it cost to stop them? Nothing. Call before the next order is placed and we will not send it or any subsequent order.

“But what if I go on vacation?” – no problem. Call and we’ll stop the meals for as long as you need. “What if I have been eating out or something and the meals are building up?” My, you worry a lot, don’t you? Again, no problem. Call us and ask us to cancel the next shipment and then start them up again.

That’s a lot of “no Problems”. But that’s how we roll around here. We really do care about the customer, and their needs. And when you call, you may get put on hold but you won’t hear, “If you want a meal plan, please press one. If you want to know our hours, please press 2”. Nope,a  real person will answer the phone and talk to you.

So maybe we’re some kind of a throwback, but that’s the way we like it. We think you will, too.

Melody, blogger