The ultimate sandwich

There’s a new Food Network Star, Jeff Mauro the Sandwich King.  This guy can really make a sandwich out of anything. A couple of the sandwiches he featured on the show were:

Greek Taco: Ground Lamb with feta mint tzatziki on grilled non-pocket pitas.

Jamon Jibarito: He mashes up some plantains and fries them, then adds ham, cheese, mayo and tomato and uses the plantains for the bread.

Complicated! But you can make easy sandwiches that snap crackle and pop!

Try this: Buy a loaf of dark rye bread, unsliced. Mix together Dijon mustard and light mayonnaise to taste (about a half cup of mayo to 2 Tbsp of Dijon should do it).  Cut the bread in half and slather both sides  with the mixture.

Meanwhile, heat up’s Meatloaf. Slice it up while hot and lay along the bottom slice of bread. Cover it with the top slice of bread and slice into four pieces. Serves 4.

You can make a great turkey sandwich with some kaiser rolls and our Roasted Turkey Breast, or slice up some sourdough bread and lay some hot Pot Roast on it for a terrific open face sandwich, but here’s one I made as a teenager and still consider the ultimate:

First you need to find some good oatmeal or porridge bread- this is important. Thick slices of that, cover both sides with mayonnaise. Then lay on thin slices of crisp cucumber, thin slices of sharp cheddar cheese, and then some thin(very thin) slices of green bell pepper. Incredible.

Melody, blogger