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How to Solve your Biggest Meal Problem

Guest Blogger- Nancy Hernandez

What’s the biggest meal problem you run into day after day? “What’s for dinner?” is mine. Usually I go to the freezer, pull out a protein, then build a meal around it. Sometimes it’s inspired(like my divine  meatball sauce), other times it’s blah(grilled chicken with plain steamed broccoli). If your dinner problems are the same as mine,  wouldn’t you like to have an easy solution for those nights when you just don’t know what to cook, and have run out of inspiration?

Here are two ideal solutions.

Flat-Iron beef in Bordelaise sauce
Flat-Iron beef in Bordelaise sauce

1. Buy some HomeStyle meals for your freezer. Recently I had an evening when I had not taken anything out of the freezer, and the day had been hectic (sound familiar?). Luckily I had a few Deep Dish chicken pot pies from, and I popped a few in the oven while I made a quick salad. Ta-da! A delicious dinner was on the table, dishes were minimal, and I could spend time with my family.

On another occasion, I looked in the freezer for my protein- fish, blah, chicken…blah…then spotted’s Flat Iron Beef in Bordelaise sauce. Out it came, and when I got home I made some rice, steamed a veggie, and heated up the scrumptious beef. Restaurant quality, in my kitchen in no time flat.

2. Another solution I use is Add items that you have in your kitchen to your  virtual pantry, then select “Find Matching Recipes.” If you register(free), then you can select whether you want a recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer, dessert or side dish!

Good luck with your meals!







Three Ways Delivery Meals Can Help Your Elderly Family Members

Here’s a fact of life- as you get old, your appetite shrinks, and so does your wish to cook nutritious meals.  That’s usually a combination of less energy, less appetite and  the fact that they are cooking for one or two now. But it can become a downward spiral, as lower nutrition leads to lower energy, and so on.

Here are three ways delivery meals can help your elderly family members:

  1. All they need to do is order the meals that sound yummy to them, and then store them in the freezer, ready to be eaten!
  2. The meals are made by hand in small quantities without preservatives, so it’s just like home-cooked, and full of nutrition.
  3. We have meal plans – let us pick the meals based on your  Elderly Family Members’ likes and needs.

It’s so easy!



Diabetic Meal Plan

A Diabetic Meal Plan is best discussed with your doctor and dietitian when you are diagnosed. Usually it involves minimizing the sodium, carbohydrates (Sugars) and the protein size. What often happens is that people are too busy to comply with the diet all the time, and they may get sicker.

There are solutions out there, such as for diabetes advice and recipes and   Eatingwell diabetic recipes, but for the easiest solution, turn to’s line of diabetic-friendly frozen meals.  Our chefs and dietitians got together to please your appetite with meals that fit within a diabetic diet, yet are easy to reheat, and reasonable in cost and delivery. (In fact, if you order a certain number of meals per month, your delivery is free!)

Here are some of the options, below.

Barley and Beef Stew Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal
Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal Basil Chicken with Rice & Zucchini Sauté
Cheese Manicotti Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal
Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal Cod with Miso Ginger, Black Beans & Carrots
Ginger Pepper Beef Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal
Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal Lemon Rosemary Pork with Savory Rice and Glazed Carrots
Creamy Tarragon Mahi-Mahi with Mushroom and Artichoke Barley and Beef Stew - Individual Meal

How Can A Frozen Meal Actually Be Healthy?

imagesWhen we were kids, frozen meals meant TV dinners in a foil packet with runny mashed potatoes and  mushy veggies. Things have changed. Now offers meals made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, which are flash-frozen to preserve the nutrients. Opening and heating a package of food is easy, and the nutrition is almost exactly the same as if you made it yourself.

The meals are made by hand in small batches, so you know they haven’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf forever. All of which means: yes, Virginia, a frozen meal can actually be healthy!

chicken-pot-pieOne thing to watch for is serving size. Although the meals come in two-serving packages, the actual “serving size” on the nutritional label is the amount you want to eat to keep within the calories, etc. on the label. As an example, although we give two individual chicken pot pies in a two-serving package, if you look at the nutritional label you will see that a serving is a half a pie. If you eat more, you will need to double the calories and fat you are ingesting. Having said that. a whole individual pie is a wonderful thing, and if you have the calories available, go for it!

Here’s another example: We give you a whole piece of  Osso Bucco, 15.5 oz. But if you’re trying to be healthy, you know that’s a lot of meat. The nutritional panel shows the serving size as:  1/2 piece, 6.27 oz. The good news is, you have enough for another night!

Melody, blogger




Easy Steps For Ordering Nutritious And Delicious Meals Online

Chicken Marsala from
Chicken Marsala from

It’s easy to order Nutritious And Delicious Meals Online with and her sister sites.

Looking for HomeStyle and Gourmet meals online? Try’s HomeStyle menu, where Main courses, soups, sides and desserts are sold separately so you can mix and match. You can buy items like Chicken Marsala or Beef in Bordelaise Sauce, add a side dish like Rosemary Potatoes or Rice Pilaf,  Green Beans in Mushroom Cream Sauce or Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, then finish the meal off with a Family Size Vanilla Bundt Cake or a creamy Tiramisu.

Want a few meals for your freezer but don’t want to spend the time selecting them individually? Try one of our handy bundles, like Customer Favorites or Comfort Food. We have eight Meals for One Bundles for singles.

Glide over to for a lot of good information about diabetes, and links back to our excellent menu for diabetic meals. You’ll be surprised at the sophistication of our meals, with dishes like  Creamy Tarragon Mahi-Mahi with Mushroom and Artichoke. will tell you more about the dangers of a high sodium diet, and lead you to our special low sodium menu. Meals like Ginger Pepper Beef with Rice will make you forget you’re on a special diet!

At,  we know that when you have kidney disease, following a renal-friendly diet is a critical step to supporting good health. But that can be very intimidating, both for you and the person cooking for you. offers meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, allowing you to get on with your life. Cod with Miso Ginger, Black Beans & Carrots and Shrimp & Pesto Fettuccini are two of the options on this menu. On all of our meals, the nutritional panel is provided on the website and on the actual meal. gives information about the dialysis diet, as well as bringing you back to the dialysis menu, where you can find dishes such as Barley and Beef Stew, Lemon Rosemary Pork with Savory Rice or Shrimp & Vegetable Linguine.

So you see, you can easily order for multiple people on, it’s so easy! And if ever you have a problem, don’t hesitate to call toll-free 877-516-2442, and a real person will take your call. We’re the customer service specialists!

Melody, blogger




Foods to Avoid on a Renal Diet

When talking about a balanced diet it’s important to make sure you have all your bases covered. There is far more to living a healthy lifestyle than exercise, portion control and simply counting calories, and making smart food choices like reducing your sugar and fat intake. When it comes to physical well being, you need to watch out for your kidneys because you need them to survive. People with kidney problems or patients who have struggled with renal failure need to make sure they avoid foods that are high in protein, overly rich with sodium or phosphorous, and must manage their potassium intake as well in order to make sure they have healthy fluid levels. The human body is really amazing when you think about it. If you put in the time and effort to treat your symptoms you can naturally reverse the effect of most health issues by making the right choices an every day habit.

In order to follow a diet that can boost kidney health it is important to do more than just consume foods that support it; you have avoid certain food items all together if you’re on a Renal diet including the following:

less-salt-mainHigh in Sodium
The first foods to avoid on a renal diet for those high in sodium. By reducing sodium intake you’ll be able to regulate blood pressure, remain hydrated for longer periods of time and prevent water retention as well. Processed meat products and many other fresh meats are high in sodium as well as most prepackaged soups and sauces. Avoid these kinds of products and adding additional salt; instead choose alternative herb and spices mixes, and always going for low sodium food versions.

High in Potassium
High potassium foods are dangerous because they can cause build up and end up affecting your heart. Potassium is usually nothing to worry about but when it comes to patients struggling with renal failure and poor kidney functionality it’s important that you avoid foods high in potassium which include various fruits and vegetables such as oranges, nectarines, raisins and others. While these are typically considered healthy foods, their high potassium content can make them dangerous for individuals with kidney problems.

A certain amount of protein is also considered part of a balanced diet but if you are consuming too much protein, you’ll want to cut back. Protein can increase the amount of waste that ends up in your blood and cause your kidneys to work overtime. Foods that are high in protein range from various meats, seafood, and eggs to some dairy products.

Phosphorous rich foods are often attributed to renal failure and kidney problems because it builds up in the blood makes the kidney work harder in order to cleanse blood flow. Phosphorus can also reduce the amount of calcium your bones require for optimal growth and strength. Soft drinks are the most notorious when it comes to sources of phosphorous but it is also a factor in dairy products, nuts, beans and various other foods.

A balanced diet is so much more than trying to lose weight or gain muscle; it’s about your health and well being, treating your body like a temple instead of a trash can. Kidney and renal failure health problems are serious issues that have to be treated to ensure a long, healthy and balanced life. Also keep in mind; prevention is the best medicine so consider how you’re living now, make the necessary adjustments, and look forward to a life full of vibrant good health.