How Can A Frozen Meal Actually Be Healthy?

imagesWhen we were kids, frozen meals meant TV dinners in a foil packet with runny mashed potatoes and  mushy veggies. Things have changed. Now offers meals made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, which are flash-frozen to preserve the nutrients. Opening and heating a package of food is easy, and the nutrition is almost exactly the same as if you made it yourself.

The meals are made by hand in small batches, so you know they haven’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf forever. All of which means: yes, Virginia, a frozen meal can actually be healthy!

chicken-pot-pieOne thing to watch for is serving size. Although the meals come in two-serving packages, the actual “serving size” on the nutritional label is the amount you want to eat to keep within the calories, etc. on the label. As an example, although we give two individual chicken pot pies in a two-serving package, if you look at the nutritional label you will see that a serving is a half a pie. If you eat more, you will need to double the calories and fat you are ingesting. Having said that. a whole individual pie is a wonderful thing, and if you have the calories available, go for it!

Here’s another example: We give you a whole piece of  Osso Bucco, 15.5 oz. But if you’re trying to be healthy, you know that’s a lot of meat. The nutritional panel shows the serving size as:  1/2 piece, 6.27 oz. The good news is, you have enough for another night!

Melody, blogger