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15 Fun Indoor Activities for Summer

Sometimes there’s just a day in the summer, whether it’s rainy, too hot or just a day you’d rather stay indoors. On those days, you want somethign interesting to do. Here are 15 fabulous ideas! Some of them would be fun to do with a child or grandchild, others would be a blast with a friend, and some would be fun to do by yourself. Enjoy!

1. Beach in a jar.beach-jar

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2. Duct Tape Beach Bag.duct-tape

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3. Make a

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4. Beach Ball Lanternbeach ball 2

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5. Olive Oil Candleolive-oil-candle

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6. Fabric Bowls:paper-bow;

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7. Bird Nest Helper: bird-nest-helper

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8. Jersey Knit Bracelet: bracelet

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9. Amazing Nails: nails

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10. Pool Noodle Horses.pool-nood;e

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11. Make slushies without blender.slushy 4

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12. Colorful Ice Experiment. melting-ice

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13. Learn to Crochet.learn-crochet

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14. Mason Jar Terrarium.terrarium

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15. Make a beautiful necklace.necklace

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9 Popular Deck and Backyard Summer Decorations

Summer is back, thank God. It’s time to soak in the warmth and light of the beautiful season one more time. You could literally live on the porch. Or lounge all day in the backyard.

Summer is the season to spend time away from the house even when you are at home. The porch, deck or backyard is where home is. Which is why sprucing up the place with summer decorations is part of the season’s indulgence – especially if you are expecting guests.

Creative Summer Decoration Ideas

flowers in basket on terraceBut summer decorations can be a pain too. It can get tedious and so not creative. Not to worry. To ease your day, here’s our take of the 9 most popular summer decorations ideas from across the world:

  • Use Plants: Plants are nature’s best summer decoration. If you do not already have perennial flowering plants exploding with life and color in the yard, get some. Pick out a few potted plants too for the porch.


  • Get creative with the lighting: Nights out in the outdoor space becomes more magical under some creative lighting. Like hanging Decorative christmas lights for a back yard partylanterns or strings of lights along the perimeter.  Or tiki torches or special colored candles in jars.


  • BBQ: Must have. It’s not summer until some grilling happens.


  • Fix things: A new coat of paint on outdoor furniture and maybe new cushions will give the place a feel of newness.


  • Add some shade: Everyone loves summer because of the sun, and everyone wants some shade somewhere along the day. Even at night, it does feel better to while away the hours under an awning or table umbrella.


  • Garden furnitureArrange things properly: Make sure every activity area, seats and props are arranged so that no one has their back to the rest.  Human beings relax and interact best when they can see everyone around them.


  • Put up a fireplace: If you can, get a fire place set up in the yard. The ancestors in all of us can still not resists a session of happy mingling and chatting around a fire.


  • Get stuff for Kids to do: if kids will be part of summer proceedings, get them something to burn out their energy. Like a makeshift bowling setup of plastic bottles filled with water and a few balls. Or a tambourine and swings.


  • Have a back-up Plan:  Summer decorations have a way of testing your temper. Light bulbs fail, candles break, cushions get soaked with drink. Get extra supplies of everything that can be stored.

Enjoy your summer!

Jonah, guest blogger


Decorating Ideas for Your Fourth of July Party

When Betsy Ross added the last stitch to the American flag, she must have been pretty pleased with her masterpiece. Her hand-crafted flag featured 13 alternating red and white stripes and 13 white stars arranged in a circle on a blue background. These patterns were symbolic of the 13 colonies united in a cause for freedom.

She presented the flag to General George Washington. And she earned her mark in history for creating “Old Glory” and all it represents. Now 238 years later, the red, white, and blue colors of the flag are synonymous with the Fourth of July Celebration and America’s patriotic spirit.

If you’re in charge of a Fourth of July party this year, incorporating a red, white, and blue theme, and other symbols that represent the United States in creative ways can be a fun way to celebrate American’s birthday. And there are some fun and easy ways you can do this. Check out these Fourth of July decorations and creations to celebrate this national holiday:


Patriotic Watermelon Fruit Bowl
If you’re expecting friends and family for a Fourth of July picnic or backyard barbecue, hot dogs and hamburgers are probably going to be on the menu. Along with the chips, beans, salads, and snacks, you can balance the meal by adding fruit. Check out this easy-to-make patriotic fruit bowl using a watermelon and a couple of mini-decorative flags. And if you’re pressed for time or don’t want to mess with cooking, you can serve your guests healthy and tasty meals from



Red, White, and Blue Pinwheels
The Fourth of July is a cheery day when family and friends get together. Cities and towns across American hold parades, and there are thousands of fireworks displays across the country. You can add your own flavor of fun to the Independence Day celebration by making these red, white, and blue pinwheels. You can put them in your flowerbed, put them on your table in a jar, or give them to kids to have some fun with. And if you’re in a parade, add these patriotic pinwheels to your car or bike, or carry along with you as you walk the route.


july4Centerpieces for the Celebration
If you’re planning to gather around your dining room table at home, or take over a picnic table at a park or camping area, decorating your table with a patriotic centerpiece can help you enjoy the Fourth of July Celebration. And you don’t need to be a decorating maven to be creative. Check out these cute and clever ideas like an edible flag made from cupcakes, fruit skewers of banana slices, strawberries, and blueberries arranged in the design of the American flag, hand-crafted paper rockets, and more.

Use these ideas or come up with your own to decorate for the Fourth of July. A little patriotic spirit and a flair of red, white, and blue will dress up your celebration and would make Betsy Ross proud.


What are Cucumbers Good for Besides Salads?

cukeI love cucumbers, they’re refreshing and delicious, especially in a salad, and are equally  good with vinegar or a creamy blue cheese dressing. But did you know that the humble cucumber is good for many other things besides eating? Here’s a list.

1. Rest your eyes –  Laying two slices of cold cucumber on your eyes and resting for 20 minutes reduces bags and puffiness, and just feels good!

2. Hangover remedy – but you have to do it the night before! One cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc. Eating a few slices before going to bed ensures you’ll wake up hangover-free! (Drinking a couple of glasses of water will help, too)

3. Clean Mirrors –  Rub a cucumber slice over your mirror before showering, and the mirror won’t fog up!

4. Cellulite remover – OK, we’re not convinced on this one, but we’ll give a $50 gift certificate to any of our customers who try this and can get us before and after pix. Rub cucumber over areas with cellulite before you go out, and the appearance of cellulite will diminish. Rub for a few minutes.

5. Stave off Hunger – Cucumbers are surprisingly filling. Take a few to work to stave off those afternoon snack cravings. It’s better not to slice them before putting in baggies, and definitely don’t salt them first. Try those crunchy and delicious Persian cucumbers, they’re wonderful to eat out of hand.

6. Fix a squeaky hinge – Rub a cucumber slice over a squeaky hinge, and presto! No more squeak!

7. Pest Free Garden – A few slices of cucumber in an aluminum plate gets rid of grubs, slugs and other pests. The cucumber reacts with the aluminum to create a scent that drives pests away.

8. Anti-stress Cucumber Steam Treatment – put a sliced whole cucumber in boiling water. Then pour into a container you can use to put your face over to get the benefit of the steam. The aroma is said to be stress-relieving, and the steam is good for you skin.

9. Get rid of bad breath –  Hold a slice of cucumber against the roof of your mouth for about 30 seconds, then discard.

10. Clean Stainless Steel – Cucumber can help remove stubborn stains and tarnish from stainless steel. Just rub a cucumber slice across the stainless steel, then buff with a soft cloth!

The wonderful cucumber, who knew it could do so much!

Melody, blogger