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The Science of Delicious

chef-ovalWhile preparing delectable and nutritious meals can be more art than science, there is no doubt that here at, we use copious amounts of both as we create edible and scientific works of art. The process begins and ends with you, our valued customers, in mind, as we strive to create both appetizing and convenient meals that are delivered to your doorstep for you to enjoy whenever you desire. And here’s that process in its entirety.

After our chefs, who work out of four separate kitchens, have created their wholesome masterpieces on paper, they then select the freshest and tastiest ingredients, such as Valoroso pear tomatoes from Italy, Japanese panko, homemade pesto and hormone free chicken. They then work their “magic” on these ingredients and transform them into the savory entrees, side dishes and desserts that will soon arrive at your home and more than please your palate.

Chicken-ana-LuisaOur chefs pride themselves in being able to create a variety of dishes that meet whatever requirements you might have, from satisfying comfort food, like our deep dish chicken pot pie and magic meatloaf to diabetic-friendly meals such as our Chicken Ana Luisa or Lemon Rosemary Pork. Our chefs also utilize their culinary and scientific knowledge to create dialysis and heart-friendly, low sodium and carb, renal diet and gluten free meals.

No matter what menu you choose from, either our home-style or special dietary, we offer you a variety of yummy options to select from, whether it’s a meal bundle or you decide to mix and match your entrees, sides and desserts in order to create your perfect meal, our chefs and support team will ensure that your choices will more than exceed your expectations.

After the meals are cooked in our kitchens, they are immediately flash frozen to lock in freshness and nutrition, carefully packed and then shipped to their destination…your kitchen table. Once they arrive, all you need to do is reheat, serve and then rave about how delicious they are. Or, simply unpack them and place them in your freezer to be raved about later, at your leisure.

moneybackFinally, we have such faith in the quality of both our ingredients and chefs, that we will replace any dish that does not meet your expectations in terms of taste and/or quality, or we will provide you with a full refund; your choice. However, since we began operations back in 2005, we have rarely had to provide replacement meals or monetary refunds.

So there you have it, the art AND science behind how we design, prepare, create and deliver such enticing entrees, succulent sides and delightful desserts. So, if you haven’t already, why not give us a try, and if you already have why not expand your horizons and try different dishes? After all, the only thing you have to lose is your appetite.

Steve, blogger


Stock up for your vacation

Soon you’ll be enjoying summer days off. Whether you’re camping,  having a stay-cation,  or renting a cabin, the last thing you want to do is cook.  No, you want to enjoy the water,  sleep in, visit an amusement park,  enjoy nature, build a sandcastle. You want to do all the things that make you feel happy and relaxed, and cooking isn’t one of them.

That’s why you want to stock up on meals.  Take one out of the freezer and put it into the fridge the night before. The next day, take it out and reheat it, for gorgeous gourmet meals that couldn’t be easier.  We have family size portions, or pick individual meals for people who are picky or on special diets.

Then get back to star gazing, collecting seashells, hiking, having a campfire, roasting marshmallows, flying kites, kayaking, swimming, biking and enjoying your summer!





Four Fun Facts About Food

We consume it on a daily basis, some more than others, but we rarely think about the origins or ingredients of the foods we consume…we simply, well, consume. And while the intriguing food facts found below will not alter your food consumption patterns, they do provide some watercooler fodder and are, in the end, food for thought (insert well deserved groans and head shakes here).

  1.'s Chicken Noodle Soup rivals the soup nazi's!’s Chicken Noodle Soup rivals the soup nazi’s!

    We love soup, especially if it’s made by the “Soup Nazi” made famous in season seven, episode six of the famous sitcom, Seinfeld. Patrons to the Soup Nazi’s kitchen endured his strict, regimented rules for waiting in line and ordering as well as his rude disposition in order to gain access to his delicious concoctions, such as wild mushroom and jambalaya.
    One wonders if people would queue up for soup created from a recently discovered 6,000 year old recipe that contained the unique ingredients of hippopotamus, sparrow, various vegetables, lentils and spices. Of course, if the Soup Nazi did create this soup and you voiced your displeasure…NO SOUP FOR YOU!

  2. We Americans put ketchup on everything from steak to eggs. However, up until the 1800s, Europeans and Americans avoided tomatoes like the plague as they too closely resembled the poisonous nightshade berries. In fact, when Conquistador, Hernan Cortez, returned to Europe with some heretofore unknown tomato plants, they were only regarded as ornamental plants.
    Finally, in the early 19th century, recipes for tomato ketchup began to appear in US magazines, but people were still fearful of eating the fruit raw and the popularity of tomato ketchup far outpaced raw tomatoes. People, apparently, were willing to eat pureed tomatoes mixed with sugar, vinegar and other spices.
  3. Have you ever wondered how SPAM got its name? (No, it does not stand for “something posing as meat”). According to Hormel, SPAM is an amalgamation of the words “spiced” and “ham”…think web + log = blog. However, shortly after its creation in the 1930s, it was known as “shoulder of pork and ham.” Yeah, “spiced ham” sounds quite a bit more palatable.Apparently, the moniker struck a chord with the members of the Monty Python comedy troop as one of their more famous skits involve a cafe patron attempting to order something without the canned meat as part of the dish…”We’ve got SPAM, eggs, SPAM, SPAM, bacon and SPAM.” It was also included in a line from their full-length feature film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That one line then spawned a 2005 Broadway musical entitled Spamalot that won three Tony awards. Who knew SPAM was so humorous.
  4. baby-carrotsFinally, on a quick note, baby carrots originally were created from unsellable ugly, gross carrots that were simply shaved down to baby size. The new miniature versions sold so well that eventually many non-ugly, non-gross adult carrots were simply converted into the infant variety.

So there you are. Four food facts with which to amaze and edify your friends, and if you get a chance, be sure to check out the “Soup Nazi” episode of Seinfeld, as well as anything that combines Monty Python and SPAM.


Steve, blogger


June is Dairy Month. Hear about it from MayBelle.


Hello there, it’s your reporter in the field, (literally, I’m in a field in Wisconsin) Maybelle the dairy cow, here to inform the astute and awesome readers of this blog that June is National Dairy Month. Yeah, I know, cows don’t normally write blog posts, especially given the fact that our large hooves make it damn near impossible to type. Be that as it may(belle), here I am, for, roving around my electrically enclosed meadow (don’t pee on the fence…just sayin’) conducting interviews with my bovine buddies to get their thoughts on their very personal contributions to National Dairy Month.

As I wended my way through the herd, I heard various comments from my homies about how proud they were of the fact that they contributed the primary ingredient that’s used to create such healthy and delicious food products. For example, Martha stated, “moooo moo mooooo, mooo mooo mo.” Translation: “Just imagine where cereal would be without the fruit of my udders.”

I even managed to get a few grunts from Gus, the resident bull, and, I’m paraphrasing here, but he admitted that he has a severe case of utter udder envy…no BS! And that’s the hard hitting, breaking news that you’ll always get from this bi-colored Holstein.

macaroni and cheeseAnyway, back to the comments made by my milk producing sisters in crime who want to get the word out about the nutritional benefits of the varied dairy products created from our liquid white gold. Mary, who is as intelligent as she is beautiful, claimed that she was a bit disappointed in the fact that many of the humans who consume our dairy products don’t realize the fact that they contain essential nutrients, such as calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamins A and D. I then placed my hoof around Mary’s withers, which is no easy feat, even if I had feet, and promised her that I’d get the word out.

I then discussed the various ways our milk gets transformed into delectable delights to ensure that you humans get those vitamins and minerals you need to support good bone health, fend off osteoporosis and build lean muscle, with my BFF, Mae. She stated, “Whether it’s low-fat, no-fat, 1%, 2%, chocolate, butter or skim, there’s a type of milk out there for you! And don’t even get me started on the variety of cheeses, yogurts and flavors of ice cream to choose from!” That Mae is one smart cow that’s not easily cowed (admit it, that one made you smile).

So why not order a few tempting dishes from that contain some nutritious dairy products such as their cheesey Broccoli and Cauliflower with…you guessed it, cheese, or some silky smooth buttered carrots, or how about some macaroni and…wait for it…cheese, and what would their magic mashed potatoes be without milk…not so magical is my guess.

Well, until next June, this is your ungulate field reporter, Maybelle, reminding you to get your daily dose of dairy and to eat more chicken.

Steve, I mean Maybelle, blogger