’s Awesome, Stupendous Diabetic-Friendly Meal Giveaway!

diab-wareSince November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, and since diabetics can control their disease by eating the proper diet, and since is sympathetic to their needs and already produces delicious diabetic-friendly meals, it’s only logical that we sponsor a contest and award the winner with 30 of those delectable diabetic-friendly meals at no cost!

All that’s required of you is to visit our Diabetes Awareness Contest entry page anytime from now through to the end of November 2015 and simply follow the instructions you find there. The winner will then be announced on December 10th and shortly thereafter, he or she will begin to dine on a month’s worth of free, diabetic-friendly meals that are delivered right to their door…easy peasy, lemon squeezy (where did that saying originate anyway?).

And the thing is that you do not necessarily need to be a diabetic to enter this contest. Since over 29 million Americans suffer with this disease, chances are you know a diabetic friend or family member…I guess they could be both friend and family member…for some reason many separate friends from family members, especially during the holidays. Why is that? Anyway, if you happen to win and you’re not diabetic, 30 diabetic-friendly meals would make a great gift for any diabetic in your life. eat-mor-chickn

Whoever wins this contest will not have to worry about preparing dinner for a month as they will have a wide selection of meals to choose from. He or she can get their Italian on with veal parmesan, or eat (rather than swim) with the fishes with our baked tilapia. Or you can “eAt morE ChiKen”, as the cows in that famous commercial say, with our zesty orange chicken tenders.

So please, help make people more aware of this epidemic known as diabetes during November and every month for that matter, and we’ll continue to provide diabetics, and others, with quality, nutritious, and delicious meals delivered right to their homes. Thank you for your support, and tell all your friends!!

diabetic meals delivered