How About a $500 Gift Certificate?…Yeah, That’s What We Thought!

Won SweepstakesWho wouldn’t want a $500 gift certificate from just in time for the holidays? We suppose someone who doesn’t enjoy delicious food made from the freshest ingredients possible and then having it delivered directly to their door, but does such a person exist? We think not. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…

Beginning today, November 9th, you can register to win either a $500 (first prize) or a $200 (second prize) gift certificate from All that’s required is that you fill out the simple form (email and name) found here: and wait until December 14th when the winners will be announced. Yes, it’s that simple…no previous purchase required, no long, tedious form to complete. All we need from you is an email address, your name, and a little patience.

product-collage3Imagine not having to run around like a crazy person the day before your holiday gathering or party trying to prepare the appetizers, entrée and/or dessert for said gathering. And, best of all, not having to pay for all that food, which is the exact scenario you would encounter so long as you register for and win either one of our two gift certificates. Just think of what you could do with the time and money you would save should you win…such as binge watching The Walking Dead (no, not a Rolling Stones’ concert), or purchasing a drone and spying on the neighbors, or getting a mani/pedi…the possibilities are endless. Now, whether or not you reveal to your family and friends where all the delectable dishes came from we leave entirely up to you!

So what are you waiting for? Take a minute, visit the link above, provide the required info and then just wait until 12/14 to hear if you’ve won. Oh yeah, and good luck to you all!

In case you missed it, here’s the link again!