Watch Out for an Empty-Calorie Ambush During the Holidays

empty-calsThey’re everywhere. During the holidays, they invade every grocery store, shopping mall, party, and family gathering. And just when you thought you were safe, they show up at your front door on a plate, in a gift basket, or in the mailbox. If you want to eat healthy and prevent weight gain, you’ve got to watch out for an empty-calorie ambush during the holidays.

Step on the scale before and after the holidays, and there’s a good chance you’ll have gained a few pounds. The average adult gains 1 to 3 pounds a year during the holidays, and it’s a problem that can lead to obesity and other health risks. But it doesn’t have to be that way. has a large selection of healthy meals and healthier desserts to choose from that will help you eat well. Knowing where empty calories are hiding can help, too. Here’s what to watch for:


Lemon Tarte, 144 calories per serving. And simply divine.
Lemon Tarte, 144 calories per serving. And simply divine.

How about dessert under 250 calories? You won’t find that with a restaurant-sized serving of cheesecake, or mountain of chocolate ice cream topped with whipped cream and more than 500 calories. But has a large selection of lower-calorie desserts to choose from. Pay attention to calories in desserts to avoid eating more than you should.


Sure, the holidays are a reason to celebrate. But that doesn’t mean you have to pop open a bottle of bubbly for every get-together, toss back a glass of wine or two every night between now and the new year, or guzzle another cup of punch or soda, during the holidays. These drinks might taste good, but there’s a price to pay for drinking them. They’re loaded with sugar and empty calories. Your best option, drink more water. Your body needs it, and it contains zero calories. Plus, it goes well with any meal on the menu at

Snacks and Sweet Treats

You know they’re everywhere during the holidays. But it doesn’t take many cookies, handfuls of caramel popcorn, or sweet treats to derail your diet. Plan ahead and pick out healthy snacks like fresh-cut veggies, hummus dip, and whole-grain crackers. Or pick a healthy side like French Bread, Creamy Spinach dip, Sweet Potatoes, Crab Cakes, or Verdura Gourmet Artisan Flatbread with Kalamata Olives.

xmas-portion-contorlPortion Sizes

Last but not least, you’ll cross paths with excess calories during the holidays in the form of biggie-sized servings, second helpings, and meals big enough for two. Practice portion control during the holidays to keep your weight in check. Using a smaller plate, splitting a restaurant meal with a friend, or eating slowly and only until you feel full can help. You’ll also find healthy meals that are just the right size at

Keep your eye out for empty calories during the holidays, and you’ll have another reason to celebrate the New Year when you step on the scale.