Are Your Elderly Parents Eating Right?

Rear View Of Senior Couple Walking Along Autumn PathDo you know the answer to the following question? Are your senior parents eating right and are they getting the proper nutrition for this stage of life? The nutrition needs for our bodies don’t necessarily change as we age, it’s the way we get that nutrition that does. The reason for the concern about keeping the nutrients up in the elderly include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Diminished activity, causing fewer calories to be needed, reducing hunger
  • Dental issues – it can be quite painful to eat when the mouth is inflamed
  • Depression
  • Changes in the gastric system
  • Taste buds and smells change as we age, sometimes causing food to smell/taste unfamiliar.

Right now freezer cooking seems to be all the rage. It makes sense to have ready to cook or ready to heat up meals available. It’s such a huge time-saver. One of the problems with this is the repetitiveness. Not to mention the difficulty in preparing a meal that will meet your senior parent’s diet requirements. Frequently, one member of the household needs a specialized diet, while the rest of the family may eat a “normal” diet – or they may have different nutrition needs altogether. Some diet requirements to consider are:

  • Gluten intolerance
  • Low carbohydrate/low sugar/diabetes
  • Portion controlled/different calorie counts

Stuffed_BellPepperFortunately, has taken all of these aspects into consideration when making their cooked meals for delivery. There are many choices available for seniors, so they can select meals to nourish their bodies in the proper way. These meals are packed with protein which supports muscle mass and helps the immune system, They are low in sodium – making them heart healthy, and a great source for potassium – which aids in reduction of kidney stones, maintaining muscle mass, and prevention of stroke.

Selection of the right foods and preparing them might seem pretty daunting to aging adults. enables you to sit down with your aging parent and select cooked meals for delivery of healthy, delicious food. It allows them to be able to get the nutrition necessary to reduce the risk of not eating or eating junk food because it is just “easier”. With delivering meals, all that needs to be done is pop them in the microwave. In four to five minutes, a tasty, nutrient-dense meal is ready to eat!  Seniors can feel good about this as they retain independence, and you can feel at ease knowing your aging parent is eating right. Select meals individually, or set up an automatic senior meal plan.