Health News at Your Fingertips

news-portalReal quick…Google (I love the fact that “Google” can now be used as a verb) “health articles” and see what comes up…never mind, I’ll tell you…almost 2 BILLION results that cover the very general topic of “health.” OK, get a bit more specific and Google “heart health” and the number of results is reduced to the relatively low number of 292,000,000! Who has the time or inclination to sift through those results looking for articles that apply to you and deliver usable advice? Well, maybe Lance Armstrong…he seems to have lots of extra time these days.

The good news? now takes those results and pulls the articles our professional, in-house nutritionist deems to be most relevant to our users. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve added a new page to our site entitled “health news” which is an article portal to health articles that offer practical health advice to our customers.

Simply click on the “health news” tab located along the right side of all pages to access the article portal.

doc2On the portal page, the articles are broken down into eight categories for easy reference. Those categories are: Health, Senior Health, Diabetic Health, Heart Health, Renal (CKD 3 & 4) Health, Dialysis Health, Gluten-free Health, and Weight Control. This categorization permits you to quickly locate the articles that apply to your specific needs…no time wasted perusing three gazillion articles on Google. The search has already been done for you.

New articles are added to each category on a regular basis and if your device has RSS (Really Simple Syndication …yeah, I didn’t know what it stood for either until I “Googled” it, but those who use it love it a lot)  capabilities they can easily be put into your reader so that you don’t miss a single one and they can be read at your convenience. Look, we understand that you’re a busy person, that’s why we now deliver easy to understand, categorized health articles to go along with our nutritious, home-delivered and delicious meals.