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Tips for Back to School

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…I know there are millions of parents out there feeling the exact same way I do. Why? It’s that time of year again, time for those kids to head back to school. In some parts of the country, school has been in session for several weeks already. Some even started the end of July.

College students, though aren’t quite so fortunate. The average start date across the nation is late August. Right now there are many college students buying bedding, laptops, and other electronic devices and accessories. Here’s a few tips for those headed back to class soon.

  1. 41oiFXyshXL._AC_UL480_SR480,480_Stay Motivated: It’s hard to stay motivated to study or go to class when the memories of Summer are still on the surface. Who wants to be stuck in a class room when the sun is shining outside and the thoughts of the pool are beckoning? How do you stay motivated? Here are a few suggestions. Use fun flags to mark the important items for tests or papers. These are super cute and you can find them on Amazon.Another great way is to make your notes look pretty with different colored pens and highlighters. Change colors every 10-20 minutes, or as your focus/topic changes. You’ll start to see a difference and it will make you want to study those pretty notes.
  1. organizedBe Organized: Organization is one of the best ways to get your act together and keep it together the whole semester. There are literally a ton of planners and organizational tools on the market right now. If you choose to start being a more organized person when heading to college this year, start with a planner. Get one that has plenty of room for keeping track of your activities. Write down the dates/times for those study groups, keep your goals in one place, and color code important items.
  1. college-sleepGet enough sleep. This is when you rest and recharge your body and brain. Something we all need. Late night study sessions…or parties…aren’t great for when you have class at 8 am.
  1. Resources: Know what resources are available to you and how to access them. I’m not talking about just the library and tutoring. You should have online access at this point, so don’t forget about the resources there…possible books (free?), local maps, check for discounts for being a student, transportation, and other opportunities available to you as a student. Don’t be afraid to ask.
  1. Meals for One from, prefect for college kids
    Meals for One from

    Food: You need some…make it healthy. The Freshman 15 (15 pounds added your Freshman year) are REAL! Parents of new Freshmen – (ok, even Seniors) we want to make sure our kids eat healthy. They will always be our kids, right? What better way for them to kick off the new school year than with a send off gift they can really appreciate? I’m not talking about a new laptop or cell phone. I mean healthy meals, delivered right to their apartment or dorm rooms. None of us want to see our kids spending either their hard earned money (or ours) on fast food. They need to eat much healthier than that in order to be able to soak up all the information they will be getting during the semester. So do them a favor and make sure they have a few healthy, “brain food” meals for the week.

Good luck this year to all college students, near and far. I wish you a happy, safe, and productive year!


Why Isn’t Dad Eating? Senior’s Changing Nutritional Needs

elderly-handsIt is estimated that there are over 3.7 million malnourished seniors living in the United States at the current time and even more with various vitamin deficiencies. The reasons for this are varied and range from loss of appetite due to medications to depression to dental issues.

Whatever the cause, not eating properly as we age can become more serious due to the changing nutritional needs of seniors. Thus, determining exactly why the seniors in your life aren’t eating properly as well as knowing what they SHOULD be eating can go a long way to getting them back on the road to proper nutrition.

lemon-herbsAs we age, we suffer from (among other things) appetite loss due to diminished taste buds and sense of smell. Add to those two causes the side effect of loss of appetite from medication and it’s easy to understand why some seniors have lost the interest they once possessed in food.  One way to combat this is cooking with lemon juice, vinegar and different herbs rather than butter and/or salt. These tastes will often be discerned where more subtle ones won’t.

depressed-senior-manSome seniors tire of cooking for one and eating alone and, therefore, do less of it. Depression, especially after the loss of a loved one, can also cause many seniors to eat less. Finally, dental issues, such as tooth loss and the pain associated with it or ill-fitting dentures can be the reason some seniors avoid eating certain foods.

Now, once you’ve figured out why the senior(s) in your life aren’t eating the way they should, the next task is to determine what they need to be consuming to meet their unique nutritional needs. Generally speaking, a proper diet can aid in preventing or treating heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, constipation and certain forms of cancer.

Essentially, just about everything seniors eat should provide some nutritional value…no empty calories! Of course we all immediately think of fruits and veggies, but there’s one simple rule to remember: when it comes to fruits and veggies think “color.” Yes, color. There’s a reason they come in a variety of hues. Their color is derived from the fact that they’re packed with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants. So don’t just think leafy greens, think yellow peppers, orange carrots, red raspberries, blueberries, red apples, white asparagus, and blackberries. It’s a simple way to ensure seniors get a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Lean Roast Turkey from
Lean Roast Turkey from

Also, seniors need plenty of lean protein, vitamin D and calcium from varied sources such as seafood, poultry, legumes, nuts and fat-free or reduced fat dairy, while avoiding red meats and fried foods. They also require plenty of whole grains (think quinoa, brown rice, popcorn) and fiber (which can be derived from fruits and veggies) and they should stay away from trans and saturated fats as well as sodium. Just remember, when it comes to eating, food consumed by seniors should provide nutritional value. If it doesn’t, they shouldn’t eat it. (Although an occasional piece of dark chocolate wouldn’t go amiss.) provides Senior Meal Plans and individual senior meals, so if you’re worried about your older parents eating right, visit us.  Order a la carte or see our complete meals. Either one provides good nutrition and great taste, wrapped up in a convenient package.


A Tribute to Dads (mine in particular)

welder1Yes, folks, Father’s Day is just around the corner and I thought I’d share a few humorous anecdotes about my 80-year-old dad that are still fresh in my mind despite the attempts of time to erase them from my memory.

My dad was forced to quit school at the age of 13 and is still the smartest man I’ve ever met (although age has slightly dulled the sharpness of his intellect).  His dad sent him off to work in a local automobile factory where he welded car frames just outside Huddersfield, England in 1949 as the country was still recovering from World War II.  He told this story, and continues to do so, in a vain attempt to toughen me up as I whined about trivial things in my life, such as when the arm came off my G.I. Joe or when I was denied use of the family car.

As I approached adulthood and went through the “difficult” years, I remember telling him that I didn’t care about his “stupid” life story and his version of the “having to walk 6 miles, uphill, to school in all types of weather” tale.  In fact, I told him that I never wanted to hear it again on several occasions.

Portrait of a smiling man with arms folded against white backgroundHowever, in 1991 as I traveled across the Kuwaiti desert during Operation Desert Storm, I desperately wanted my father to be there to relate that story to me once again and I thought about it often as the heat, sand, and events of war threatened to destroy my resolve.  When I returned home and revealed this fact to him, he simply said, “I didn’t know when, but I knew that story would help you at some point,” and as he said those words I’m sure I saw him do something I had never seen him do before…wipe a tear away from his eye (which he still adamantly denies to this day).

As a child, I remember my dad working long hours at the sheet metal shop and coming sheet-metal-shophome exhausted every evening.  During the summer months, my mom had her hands full with three young children to care for.  As a, shall we say, “mischievous” child, I got into more than my share of trouble and my mom would use the often heard refrain, “You just wait until your father gets home,” which usually meant a spanking of some type.

However, when I was ten I remember giving my younger brother what I deemed, an attractive haircut.  My mom deemed it otherwise.  I knew I had stepped in it yet again and waited with fear in my room for the inevitable squeaking of my door which would spell my doom.  My dad simply came in and said, “Son, I’m never going to hit you again.  It’s not the right thing to do (he would often ask me when I had a dilemma, “what’s the right thing to do?”).  But your mother expects me to give you a spanking, but I don’t want to fight that battle with her right now.”  We then proceeded to act out the spanking behind the closed door, complete with my dad hitting my bed with his belt and me crying out in feigned pain.  And he has never raised his hand in anger to me again.

hugLook, my dad  is and was not perfect, but he did the best he could for me and my siblings with the resources available to him, and I’m sure yours did the same.  I sometimes resented him, as all children do, but I have come to understand, as a father now myself, the immense difficulty of this…”job” isn’t the right word.  So, this Father’s Day do something simple and heartfelt for your dad…a thank you and a hug would probably suffice.  I know it’s all my dad requires.

Steve, blogger


Edible Gift Ideas

cravingYes, we here at are fully aware that the holidays are still a few months away. However, as my mother always said, “Planning is next to Godliness,” or was that cleanliness? Whatever, the point is that gifts your friends and family members can consume are an often overlooked gift idea, especially if it feeds a deep-seated food addiction.

The first step in the edible gift giving process is a little research that actually doesn’t involve Google or Wikipedia. It’s simple, just find out what type of food the gift recipient likes, no, even better than that, craves, can’t live without, is hooked on, or eats while no one’s around. In other words, pay attention to the things they actually eat or talk about eating.

One way to discover this is to just ask them questions such as, “If I was on death row about to eat my last meal, I’d order bacon wrapped bacon with a side of bacon. How about you?” The key to this is then actually remembering their reply. Take notes if necessary.cookies-in-jar

Once you’ve discovered what their food addiction is, the next step is to locate a source (now is the time for Google), and one of the best sources is you! We all know that the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts are those that are handmade (just ask Martha Stewart). Rather than ordering some anonymous fruit basket or cheese platter, put a little time and effort in and prepare their addiction with your own two, loving hands.

Look, this doesn’t have to be some five course meal you pulled from Another thing my dear old mother repeated was KISS…keep it simple, stupid (and as I recall, she called me stupid quite often). If they like pies, bake their favorite. If you’re baking for a diverse and large group of friends, then bake single serving pies. If they like nuts, how about some spiced pecans…all you need is sugar, cinnamon, egg whites and an oven. Or, if you it’s a family gift, prepare a pizza (dough, sauce, cheese and toppings) or pancake (pancake mix and toppings, such as blueberries, strawberries, etc.) kit so that even the kids can get involved in the cooking process. Dessert Gifts Dessert Gifts

Or, you could simply order one of our home made food bundles for those you deem worthy of an edible gift. For example, we have a Sweet Dreams Dessert Bundle that includes raspberry rhubarb pie and double fudge brownies, and who isn’t addicted to those. Or perhaps our Comfort Food Bundle that will deliver such delectable meals as deep dished chicken pot pie and roast turkey with gravy…Mmmm, gravy. Either way, just put a bit of thought and effort into your edible gift giving and you’ll feel good about yourself and the recipient will feel full.


Gifts for Seniors

senior-lady-smilingMany times, comfort, practicality, and improvement in quality of life may outweigh novelty when picking a gift for an elderly person. Getting seniors a gift can be very challenging. This is because they might have downsized their living spaces or may live in group home with little to no personal space. Thus, house gifts may be out of the question. While gifts of time and companionship can be even more valuable than something tangible, worry not! Below is a list of gift ideas that will still make them feel loved as well as appreciated.

Meal Gifts

Food gifts for the elderly are a brilliant idea because it’s hard for seniors to shop. Also, dietary restrictions may be hard to keep up with. While cooking may be a daunting task, healthy, frozen delivered food gifts are perfect for any senior.’s wonderfully prepared meals are created to ensure that the most important people in your life will receive the best of nutritious delicacies. On the Menu, you’ll be able to find the perfect gifts including home-style healthy meals, main course, meals for one and desserts. The ease of preparation is a great way to ensure that the seniors in your life are perfectly catered for.

Wine Gifts

Wine gifts are the most heart healthy for seniors. A nice bottle of wine can go a long way. This gourmet gift of sophistication and delighting flavors are often loved in varieties of sparkling, reds, French or Italian. Pour up a glass and let the seniors in your life wash it down together with the best delicacies.

Gift Baskets

Filling a basket with everyday items that wouldn’t normally come to mind in regards to seniors is a great gift idea. Gift baskets are simple to create and don’t cost very much. Make a basket of the senior’s favorite cookies, candles, jam, cheese or desserts.

Gift Certificates

Certificates such as Gift certificates are great for last minute gifts. The gift certificates let the senior choose the meals of their choice. The personal greeting included makes it that much more special. Other common gift cards include; shopping gift cards, massage and meal/ restaurant gift cards.

Gifts from the heart are valuable and reflect the care and appreciation you feel for your loved one. Some of the very best presents can’t be wrapped- they are thoughts and gestures that come straight from the heart. Even so, these sentimental love gifts for seniors will show them just how much they mean to you.

For more information on the best gifts for seniors, go to!


Unique Retirement Gifts

There is nothing like a personalized retirement gift to show appreciation for retiring loved ones. Showering them with a good gift is not only gratitude for all their hard work over the years but a sign of love. Naturally, they would like to be recognized for their years at work. There are many things that would make interesting retirement gifts. The best of the bunch include: Gourmet Retirement Gifts Gourmet Retirement Gifts Retirement Meal Packages (Gourmet gifts)

Most people say that the trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off. With, you get every day off. You diet is a bank account and the retirement gifts are good investment. While good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home, meal packages make everything heartier. They are a variety of healthy prepared meals that are created using top-quality fresh produce and ingredients to ensure your loved one smiles their way into a delicious and nutritious retirement.

Travel Accessories

There’s nothing that says retirement better than a trip around the world. Now that the work slog is over, giving your loved one luggage and travel accessories is a sure way to ensure that they retire in style and comfort. Retirement is a great time to explore the world. Give something like a deluxe kit to improve that experience.

Hobby Gifts

The best retirement gifts help the retiree to do things that they never had the time to do when they were on a tight schedule. It’s important to know what your retired loved one enjoys doing in their spare time. If they enjoy reading, a best seller is an elegant gift. Remember you want to give a high quality gift that will last and show that you care about their retiree and their hobbies.

Personalized Gifts

Personal and sentimental gift are a lovely way to present and record valuable events in a retiree’s life. The most unique personalized gifts include:

  • A Back Massager:

This will ensure that they make the most of their down-time. Whiling away time in a comfortable back massaging chair is the way to go.

  • Chocolates:

Congratulations_Retirement_Wine_GiftsA box of chocolates is always received in the happiest way.

This could serve as a representation of all the joyful moments that you and your loved one shared.

Engraving a retiree’s name on their favorite bottle is a great way to build memories and kick off retirement in style.

When the battles are fought and won and lost, someone needs to respect those memories. There’s no better way to do it than with a gift. It’s really something…There’s some kind of magic in that.


Hearty Mother’s Day Meals

date-meals2Created using top quality fresh meats and produce, guarantees you heartwarming mother’s day meals that will melt her heart. For the most important woman in your life, a gift certificate will be a well deserved treat. What could be better than letting her choose her own meal? All you have to do is select your delivery method and include a loving mother’s day greeting on the certificate.

Nothing says “I love you, mom” better than our hearty variety of meals that will add an amazing spread to the day. Our season special Mother’s Day deals include home-delivered delectable treats that will tempt anyone’s tastebuds. Regardless of the distance between you and your mother, these edible treats that come from the heart will show her how special she is to you.

dutch-apple-pieIf chocolates are her guilty pleasure, our chocolate ganache cake and double fudge brownies will do just the trick. If she loves fruit desserts, delicious lemon tarts, panna cotta or Dutch apple pie will be perfect for any mother’s day spread.

Give her cause for celebration with friends and family with our hearty chicken pot pie, breaded tilapia or a variety of many other scrumptious meals. Forget the bunch of flowers this year. Let her put her feet up and relax over a good meal. The least you can do for this saint of a woman is treat her to a day full of food excitement.

Although mothers deserve more than one special day a year, giving a gift from the heart will give her cause to feel special for the rest of the year. Wherever she is, our affordable delivery options are flexible for all areas in the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Don’t miss out on the special moments. At our food tells a story. We believe that you’re the only one who knows what your mother’s heart sounds like from the inside. No one can take her place. These special meals will go a long way towards telling her so.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day Note: There’s a special 10% off deal on Desserts packages on now! Keep your eye on that page for seasonal specials!


Remember Food Gifts for Seniors This Holiday Season

santa-apprivedWe get and give a considerable amount of gifts this time of the year. Well, what better gift to receive than one you can eat? Food always has the potential to brighten someone’s day. delights in offering you flavors that will help you recall cherished moments of the past. If you are looking for something tasty but different to send someone this holiday season, look no further. We have the best edible gifts for seniors-perfect for the holidays.

Good nutrition equals good health for anybody looking to stay healthy but this fact is most pivotal for seniors, especially those with chronic diseases. As you get older, life changes indefinitely. A senior couple will sometimes not indulge in cooking for two because it is simply boring and tiresome. Maybe they are used to good family dinners but the kids have moved out. This makes them neglect their important nutritional needs. For seniors, poor eating habits can result in poor physical health, loneliness and depression.

That is where comes in: We understand that seniors need the best kind of nutritional care. Our meals for seniors are oeuvre d’art. The home made menu comprises a large variety of meals for diversified tastes. They are chef prepared by hand in small batches to ensure that they are healthy and nutritious. We only deal in quality assurance. also provides a separate menu of full meals. These are referred to as MK Meals, a special diet for seniors with health conditions. We have healthy choices such as low-fat and diabetic-friendly options. Our health conscious HomeStyle menu option has low-fat, low carbs, low sodium, vegetarian, dairy free and gluten- free meal options. It is really simple; just pop it into the freezer, and when you want the meals into the microwave or oven.

As you get older, your appetite changes. wants to make eating an activity that seniors look forward to. Our quick-fix meals contribute to your general wellness. Any typical advice for a senior would be to use less salt, drink more water and take in a lot of minerals and vitamins. Luckily, our chef-prepared menu is a supply of all these things for any senior. There is no reason for seniors to be deprived of great meals during the holidays; has you covered. Browse through our HomeStyle menu and find the perfect food gift that will tempt your great aunt, parents or grandparents’ taste. Make merry this holiday with our variety of special diet and gourmet foods.



50 Holiday Food Gifts

The holidays are coming, and you want to give a holiday food gift to one or many people. You should, a gift of food is almost always received with great joy. But what to do? Here are 50 different ideas from all over the web, from easy to difficult.

1. mexican-truffle Food Network helps out with 50 edible gifts. These look pretty easy, just melting chocolate and adding a few other ingredients. And if it’s Food Network, you know the final product will be yummy. One thing they don’t do is give you ideas on how to present the gift, so that is a drawback.
2. thanksgiving-dinner-plated Holiday Meal Gifts does only that- send meal gifts to your loved ones. They have a page of gift ideas, as well as meals for people on special diets. These meals are fully-cooked, frozen and then delivered. Gift certificates are available too, at their parent site, They have a selection of turkey dinners for the holidays, for 1 or 2 people or up to 6 people (12, if you double that order). This is so much easier than making the gifts, if you’re not good in the kitchen! They have another section as well, Holiday gifts, so there are lots of options.
3. cranberry-curd Cooking Light has some homemade gifts that are lighter in calories and fat. One thing I like about this website is that they don’t just add no-fat cheese instead of regular cheese, they actually rework the recipes with real food, and make them lighter and very tasty. I’ve had great success with a lot of their recipes.
4.cookies My Recipes has a great article on Homemade Gifts for Teachers that you and your kids will love. Show your teachers how much you and your children appreciate them with these easy and affordable food gifts. If your child’s teacher loves coffee, this holiday coffee mix could be her favorite gift of the season. Another suggestion is a flavorful bag of buttery cheddar cheese cookies topped with pecan nuts.
5. jar Eating Well has a free recipe book for holiday gifts, as well as a slideshow. Treat your friends and family to healthy homemade gifts this holiday season. For fantastic recipes where you will find something for everyone on your list, download a free Homemade Gifts Cookbook from
6. biscotti Real Simple has a lot of less expensive ideas, from infused vodka to a great-looking holiday biscotti! For these and other interesting, easy-to-prepare goodies, log onto
7. w-s-spices On the high-end part of the scale, Williams-Sonoma has a selection of food gifts. For the gourmet food enthusiast Williams-Sonama have some wonderful recipes encompassing main courses, deserts, seasonal foods and even exciting breakfast ideas.
8. popcorn Real Food Tips has some holiday food gifts that look yummy, including some rubs for meat. They also have a great pizza recipe that you can make from scratch quicker than you can cook a frozen pizza or get a takeout.
9. lambshank has holiday meal gifts for everyone from vegetarians to those with diabetes, as well as a fantastic homestyle meals menu for those who just want delicious food! Check out reviews to hear what customers are saying.
10. candy-cane Midwest Meals starts out with a Candy cane Snack mix that sounds fantastic, and continues with 34 more ideas. These are attractively packaged and include Toffee Blondies in a jar, and Winter Pomegranate iced tea amongst others.
11. caramel-sauce The Cooking Channel has a lot of recipes, but they are scattered here and there. Their Salted Caramel Sauce sounds divine! Check out their recipes for treats like chocolate coconut candy bars and cocoa brownies.
12. cookies-red-velvet The Today food section contains a bunch of holiday cookie recipes, as well as fudge, cookie bars, scones, tasty pasta and much, much more.
13. rosemary-muffins Farm Flavor has a selection of home-cooked recipes. It includes Rosemary Goat Cheese Muffins, which sounds divine. Take advantage of fresh rosemary for the savory citrus orange and rosemary shortbread cookies.
14. pecan-toffee Decadent Chocolate Gifts for the Holidays is a great idea, and is from My Recipes. It includes Salted Chocolate-Pecan Toffee, which makes my mouth water.
15. christmas-crackers Of course the ubiquitous Martha Stewart has a contribution, with Homemade Food Gifts, including Treat-Filled Christmas Crackers. The level of professionalism in her decorations is virtually impossible to match!
16. cheese-tray Zabar’s famous deli has a large selection of deli foods.  The affordable menu includes genuine, traditional holiday offerings such as roast turkey, classic rotisserie chicken, a perfectly prepared shrimp platter and a colorful cheese and fruit platter containing international cheeses.
17. food-store Charity – The Holiday Food Distribution by Free Store Food Bank is a wonderful way to ensure that people who can’t afford it get some holiday meals as well! Holidays are a time of family, food and generosity. Give your support to this worthy cause.
18. pumpkin-muffins Cooks Recipes has a selection of home made food gifts including a Mini-pumpkin muffin mix. A yummy pumpkin tart with hazelnut crust is also among their recipes.
19. whiskey Not really food, but definitely welcome in the holiday season, Grub Street has a selection of fine liquors. They include barrel-aged gin and some fabulous rums, along with a great Japanese whiskey.
20. cheeses For the real foodie, Grub Street also has some food baskets with truly obscure but undoubtedly delicious ingredients, like Panettone and Dancing Ewe Farms Pecorino.
21. candy-cane-fudge One word- ok, two words: Candycane Fudge! All Recipes has this one, plus a chewy German chocolate thumbprint cookie recipe, and more for the sweet tooth fanatic.
22. hootycakes A cookie recipe in a jar, with the somehow awesome name of Cranberry Hootycreeks. You make the mix, hang a tag with directions, and gift it! A most innovative gift which is sure to please.
23. kitchn The Kitchn has a great blog with a selection of cookies, candies, cakes and infusions. A great group of food gifts indeed! In addition, they offer simple, straightforward preparation of comfortable classic meals.
24.caramels Taste of Home gives you 25 different recipes, including creamy caramels, my weakness. I don’t suppose you have some extra time? You could send some to me. 🙂
25. whoopie The Cooking Channel also provides this list of 50 homemade holiday gifts. They include these decadent Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. And what about a salted caramel apple pie to tickle the tastebuds?
26. gift-in-jar Organized Christmas provides a bunch of Mason Jar recipes for gifting over the holidays. These easy homemade Christmas gifts are topped with a colorful fabric circle and a free gift tag.
27. sl Southern’s living’s list includes Cranberry-Pecan Cheese Wafers that looks simply divine. These food gifts, suitable for any occasion, are complete with attractive packaging that will put a smile on anyone’s face!
28. Lemon-Tart3 Speaking of dessert, Mostly Desserts has your holiday dessert delivery handled! A wide selection of delectable desserts delivered to your door, or that of a friend with a sweet tooth.
29. vanilla Simple Bites is an excellent blog by Aimee, with 20 of her favorite holiday food gifts. She includes some lovely photos, including this one of homemade vanilla extract.
30. reese has these amazing and easy No-bake Reese’s squares. With only 5 ingredients, these couldn’t be easier to make. Rose’s peanut butter squares are also a no-bake item.
31. shapecom has mason jar cookie gift recipes that are actually sort of healthy! That would be a nice offering at the time of excess that is the holidays.
32. 100days Trust 100 days of real food to offer some of the most interesting recipes in their “12 Homemade Holiday Gifts (that aren’t cookies!)“. Only the finest natural ingredients are used in the clean cuisine cottage pie. Give it a try.
33. Crab-stuffed-Sole Gourmet Food Deliveries delivers- what else? Gourmet food right to your door. Frozen gourmet food, what a great gift.
34. lobsterguy The Lobster guy delivers real live Maine lobster everywhere in the USA. If that’s a little too live for you, he also delivers already-cooked lobster. Great gift!
35. wreath Harry and David will send out all kinds of beautiful gift baskets, including this really cool fruit wreath. They delivery for every social or personal occasion, as well as seasonal such as Harvest and Christmas.
36. basil-chicken has a selection of meals that are ideal for people on special diets. That could be people with heart conditions or diabetes, or even people on dialysis. People on special diets would really appreciate these food gifts for special diets.
37. booze-basket If your loved one appreciates a good quality drink, give a thought to a gift basket from Spirited Gifts. Excellent spirits, beautifully presented, just make your choice!
38. gifttree The Gift Tree has a large selection of gift baskets, with cheese, nuts, crackers. wine and fruit in many combinations. Get the selection that appeals to you the most.
39. citarells Citarella sends high-end gift baskets with such delicacies as smoked salmon, caviar, imported cheeses and antipasti. Citarella also caters to the ultimate foodies in the gourmet market, using healthy food from plant and animal sources.
40. karmel Good Karmal sends out luscious, handmade caramels in boxes or baskets. Caramel pieces are individually wrapped in inspirational quotes of wisdom.
41. onastick Heather Baird from Sprinklebakes wrote a lovely blog post on how to make these delightful Spiced Hot Chocolate on a Stick treats. Really easy to follow, with beautiful photos, this would be a very impressive gift to make!
42. candy-vodka OK- Bacon Infused Vodka. What person wouldn’t want to at least try that? Reader’s Digest shows you how to that and many more infused vodkas. How about cake? Candy sounds good. The bacon infused vodka would make an amazing Bloody Mary.
43. baconjam While we’re on the topic of bacon, Skillet Street Food sells an amazing Bacon Jam. I’m told this jam is insanely good on a burger or grilled cheese sandwich, giving a wonderfully flavorsome taste.
44. lemon-syrup One Good Thing by Jillee is a gorgeous blog, and her recipe for Lemon and Ginger Syrup is simple but would make an elegant gift. The clear bottle shows off it’s exquisite deep yellow color.
45. oolo Pepper Design Blog has an incredible recipe for Rosemary Infused Olive Oil – add a loaf of artisan bread in a basket to make a beautiful and tasty gift.
46. truffles Homemade Christmas Truffles from Yum Dim Sum – a beautifully-photographed blog, with clear directions. She even gives ideas for boxing them up!
47. bovine Bovine Bubbles at creates beautiful, sparkling jams and jellies, and ships them. These handmade products are all-natural, fresh and healthy.
48. button-cookies2 The Whimsical Wife shows you how to make these adorable Button Hole Shortbread Cookies. Try them for a-melt-in-the-mouth experience.
49. grist has gotten tired of cookies, apparently, and put up their Enough with the Christmas cookies: Five unpredictable homemade food gifts. It includes homemade granola, lemon curd, and pesto.
50. fanciful Last but not least, Fancifull Gift baskets send out anything and everything, including vegan and gluten-free baskets. A fantastic option for family or friends with special dietary requirements.