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World Heart Day- 10 Things You can do to Improve your Hearth Health!

Today, Sept 29, 2016, is World Heart Day. Cardiovascular Disease is the world’s number one cause of death. Not so cheerful, but there’s so much you can do about it!

  1. walk-dogExercise daily. Getting your kids involved means that they will grow up with healthy heart, body and bones, and the right habits to keep their hearts healthy. Work slowly up to 2.5 hours per week of moderate-level exercise, like brisk walking.A great way to start walking is to get a dog. You’ll never forget it’s time to go for a walk if your pet gets used to it. He or she will remind you quite insistently!You should do some muscle building exercises as well. You don’t have to go to a fancy gym, although if you enjoy that time, you should absolutely spend the money and go! There are plenty of ways to build muscle at home.|
  2. Lemon Rosemary Pork
    Lemon Rosemary Pork

    Eat Right. Eat lean meats, including poultry with no skin, fish,  nuts, legumes like beans and peas, and lots of fresh vegetables. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats. And keep the sodium low. features lots of low sodium meals in both its A la Carte menu and it’s complete meals offerings.

  3. Read Labels. Part of eating right is looking at the labels of the items you buy in the grocery store.  Make a game of this- look for an item that says, “Lower Sodium!” Or “Low Fat”, then look at the nutritional label. Chances are you’ll find that it’s lower sodium, all right. Lower than it used to be, but still way out of the ball park, and far too high. You’re much better off going with fresh or frozen items than with canned.
  4. Practice Dental Hygiene. Believe it or not, teeth that aren’t taken care of properly can cause all kinds of health problems down the road, including heart disease! Floss, mouthwash, and frequent dental checkups are a good rule of thumb!
  5. smoke-killsDon’t Smoke. If you smoke, believe me, I know how hard it is to stop. But there are a ton of ways now to quit smoking that are a lot easier than going cold turkey. There are medicines, quit coaches,  and ebooks galore out there.Personally, I used Zyban, almost 20 years ago. Here’s what it did for me: Instead of wanting a cigarette roughly every half hour, I would go four or more hours without even thinking of one. After that, it was will power, but computer games helped with that.
  6. Avoid Secondhand Smoke. Inhaling second hand smoke is a risk factor for having a heart attack. Most people smoke outside now, but avoid it when it’s there, ad stay healthier!!
  7. Get Yearly Checkups. Talk to your health care team and get your cholesterol checked, your blood pressure monitored, and control how you eat if you have diabetes or other health issues. Keep on top of it, it’s the only life you have!!
  8. Lose weight if you need to. I’m one to talk, I’m probably 25 pounds overweight right now. But I know that I’ll get on top of it soon. I use weightwatchers, they teach you how to eat. Don’t use fast weight loss plans.I know a couple who got on the pregnant horse hormone diet. (The HCG diet). Thorse-laughhey ate a meager 500 calories a day for a few months, and they lost weight fast. But the day afterwards, they were stuffing themselves with chicken wings and french fries.They hadn’t learned anything about how to eat healthy, and they gained it all back almost as quickly as they lost it.Take the time. It didn’t go on in a week, don’t expect to lose it in a week. They say it take 29 days to break a habit. They also say in 25 days or so, you’ll start to feel the difference in your body. So a good rule of thumb is to give your healthy new lifestyle a full month. You can do anything for a month, right?
  9. Limit Alcohol. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, you’re probably over 30, right? It’s time to settle into a more healthy lifestyle, and that means drinking less. A glass of wine with dinner’s fine. A cocktail once in a while is fine. Moderation is the key. ‘ Nuff said.
  10. sleep2Get Enough Sleep. Seven hours a night shouldn’t be too hard.  You might have to give up Stephen Colbert, but you can PVR him.  Getting a sleep routine down is important, too. You sleep more soundly (important for heart health) if you go to bed and get up about the same times.

Here’s to World Heart Day!  Thanks to that organization for their work towards a healthier lifestyle for all of us!

Melody, blogger



Enjoying the Single Life and Meals for One

aloneThere has been quite a bit of recent attention devoted to the benefits of living alone (remember, being alone is NOT the same as being lonely). Studies now reveal that one in four households in America contain only a single individual and in Manhattan that ratio jumps to one in two.

This growing popularity in living alone is borne out by the arrival of books (Eric Klinenberg’s Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone) and websites ( devoted to this growing trend. And one area that receives a great deal of attention among aloneists (made up word) is eating and the joylessness of preparing meals for one.

Yes, while living alone you can pretty much do as you please without having to worry about pleasing anyone. Vacuum naked? Have at it. Endlessly practice your beat box technique? Knock yourself out. Hold conversations with yourself? You and yourself will be the only ones who know.

portabella-ravioliBut spend time grocery shopping, preparing, and cooking meals for just one? Most singles usually avoid this like a Zika carrying mosquito. Most people prepare meals with others in mind, usually friends and/or family and cooking for one every night loses its appeal quickly. As a result, aloneists usually aren’t the healthiest eaters as they opt for quick and convenient processed food over healthy and vibrant fresh meats and produce.

Delicious, rich, tender pot roast and lots of gravy.
Delicious, rich, tender pot roast and lots of gravy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…you can eat delicious and healthy meals, every night of the week if you like, without any prep work what-so-ever with the help of has a whole category devoted to what we like to refer to as “Meals for One.”

Within that category (go ahead, explore it at your leisure) there are eight meal bundles with six options to choose from that get delivered to your door,  apartment or otherwise, flash-frozen and ready to be enjoyed after just a few minutes in the microwave (which you can operate in a thong, if you so desire, without the fear of offending anyone since you live alone).

So to sum up, if you’re alone and loving it, but refuse to spend your valuable alone time preparing and cooking meals for you and you alone, then check out our meals for one bundles. You can do so while standing on your head and singing your favorite show tunes because, you know, there’s no one there to tell you that’s weird.


Seniors: Fall is the Best Time to Get Out and Get Active

Guess what’s just around the corner…that’s right, season seven of the Walking Dead and season six of Game of Thrones, but viewing those two blood-spattered shows is an indoor activity and involves little to no physical activity.  No, the autumnal equinox is just around the corner (September 22nd, actually) and that means fall is just around the corner as well.

fall1The autumnal equinox is when the plane of Earth’s equator passes through the center of the sun (same thing occurs in March with the vernal equinox).  It is also the day with almost equal amounts of light and dark and ushers in the season we call fall/autumn.  And it means the temperature begins to moderate permitting outdoor activities without sweating away half your body weight.  So, all you seniors out there that have been enjoying air-conditioned, indoor activities for the past few months, it’s time to get outside, enjoy the cooler temps and get active.

Go for a walk.  But not just any walk.  Turn it into a nature walk, also know as a hike.

group of senior hikers doing outdoor sports

Please don’t simply walk around an idle high school track or your block or housing complex.  Get out into the woods every once-in-a-while and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells the forest has to offer and take a friend along…or not, there are times when solitude is nice.  Use the internet machine and learn how to identify the local flora and fauna your woods have to offer.  You’ll be amazed by the variety within just a few dozen acres of forest.

And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try a little geocaching…it’s like Pokémon Go! for adults.  Google it and see if it’s for you (you can Google Pokémon Go! as well if you’re curious, but be warned.  It can be as addictive as crack).

Take up bird watching.  Yes, bird watching.  It is certainly linked to the above activity as it birdwatchgets you out into the wild, but there can also be a competitive component involved as well…just watch the 2011 movie “The Big Year,” which stars Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilson and you’ll see what I mean (and yes, I was as surprised as you to discover that Hollywood had produced a movie about bird watching, of all things).

Use the help of the Audubon Society or the American Birding Association to get you started identifying the birds in your area by both sight and sound, as the auditory component is perhaps more important than the visual.  Better yet, join a local birding club…you’ll be astounded how many people are involved in this hobby.  Start small and simply identify the birds you see in your neighborhood and then expand your range, walking in search of your avian friends as much as possible.

Become an amateur outdoor/wildlife photographer.  Once again, grab your camera or photogsmart phone (no professionals here), head outside and simply observe.  Snap pics of anything that seems interesting…a dew-soaked spider web, sunlight streaming through the clouds, a small brook meandering through leaves of red and orange, a chipmunk on a log, fog rolling along a forest floor…whatever YOU find appealing.  Remember, you’re just doing this for fun, relaxation, and to get out walking during those glorious autumn days.  And with today’s digital cameras and the storage capacity of home computers, it’s easier than ever to snap and store as many pics as your heart desires.

So did you sense a trend with the suggestions?  Get out of the AC and get into the woods as the temps cool and the leaves turn and discover the calming catharsis that is the forest and wild spaces.




Why Isn’t Dad Eating? Senior’s Changing Nutritional Needs

elderly-handsIt is estimated that there are over 3.7 million malnourished seniors living in the United States at the current time and even more with various vitamin deficiencies. The reasons for this are varied and range from loss of appetite due to medications to depression to dental issues.

Whatever the cause, not eating properly as we age can become more serious due to the changing nutritional needs of seniors. Thus, determining exactly why the seniors in your life aren’t eating properly as well as knowing what they SHOULD be eating can go a long way to getting them back on the road to proper nutrition.

lemon-herbsAs we age, we suffer from (among other things) appetite loss due to diminished taste buds and sense of smell. Add to those two causes the side effect of loss of appetite from medication and it’s easy to understand why some seniors have lost the interest they once possessed in food.  One way to combat this is cooking with lemon juice, vinegar and different herbs rather than butter and/or salt. These tastes will often be discerned where more subtle ones won’t.

depressed-senior-manSome seniors tire of cooking for one and eating alone and, therefore, do less of it. Depression, especially after the loss of a loved one, can also cause many seniors to eat less. Finally, dental issues, such as tooth loss and the pain associated with it or ill-fitting dentures can be the reason some seniors avoid eating certain foods.

Now, once you’ve figured out why the senior(s) in your life aren’t eating the way they should, the next task is to determine what they need to be consuming to meet their unique nutritional needs. Generally speaking, a proper diet can aid in preventing or treating heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, constipation and certain forms of cancer.

Essentially, just about everything seniors eat should provide some nutritional value…no empty calories! Of course we all immediately think of fruits and veggies, but there’s one simple rule to remember: when it comes to fruits and veggies think “color.” Yes, color. There’s a reason they come in a variety of hues. Their color is derived from the fact that they’re packed with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants. So don’t just think leafy greens, think yellow peppers, orange carrots, red raspberries, blueberries, red apples, white asparagus, and blackberries. It’s a simple way to ensure seniors get a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Lean Roast Turkey from
Lean Roast Turkey from

Also, seniors need plenty of lean protein, vitamin D and calcium from varied sources such as seafood, poultry, legumes, nuts and fat-free or reduced fat dairy, while avoiding red meats and fried foods. They also require plenty of whole grains (think quinoa, brown rice, popcorn) and fiber (which can be derived from fruits and veggies) and they should stay away from trans and saturated fats as well as sodium. Just remember, when it comes to eating, food consumed by seniors should provide nutritional value. If it doesn’t, they shouldn’t eat it. (Although an occasional piece of dark chocolate wouldn’t go amiss.) provides Senior Meal Plans and individual senior meals, so if you’re worried about your older parents eating right, visit us.  Order a la carte or see our complete meals. Either one provides good nutrition and great taste, wrapped up in a convenient package.


Diabetic Diet Ideal for All

For the 21 million Americans with diabetes, losing and/or maintaining weight is of critical importance in order to avoid complications caused by the disease.  Most of them manage their weight through exercise and diet…and by diet I don’t necessarily mean being “on” a diet, because that implies their diet is temporary.  It is not.  It is the permanent state of making healthy food choices out of necessity.  It is a lifestyle, not a diet in the traditional sense, and we could all benefit from rethinking what the term “diet” entails as most diabetics already have.

carImagine, if you will, that you’re a car and you’re required to drive up a long, steady incline, which you complete without too much trouble.  Now imagine having to complete the same task with some “junk in your trunk,” say the concrete remains of a sidewalk that was just torn up.  You manage to make it up the hill, but your engine had to work a whole lot harder and as you climb that hill, day after day, parts begin to fail.  The same can happen to humans with excess weight (or too much junk in the trunk).  Complications ensue…heart disease, high blood pressure, increased risk of stroke, cancer, and type II diabetes.

scaleSo, as you can see, being overweight should be a concern to us all, not just diabetics. And one way to lose or maintain your weight is to follow the lifestyle choices most diabetics follow in terms of what and how they eat.  As always, most of us already know what’s healthy (fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein) and what is not (a venti cinnamon dolce latte, muffins the size of your head).  After all, this isn’t rocket science here.

One thing many diabetics do is strictly monitor and track what they consume.  In other words, they COUNT CALORIES…gasp!  And it’s a good idea for all of us.  Just count your caloric intake for a few days.  My guess is that the difference between what you believe that number to be and what it actually is will surprise you…in a bad, OMG way.  Another thing most diabetics do is plan their meals ahead of time and then stick to that plan…no spur of the moment stops at DQ for a $5 nail to place in your coffin. A diabetic diet just makes sense.

supermarketMany diabetics also limit the intake of their carbohydrates and consume non-starchy vegetables (avoid potatoes, corn and peas).  They also eat whole grains and avoid refined or processed flour and sugar (avoid Twinkies and Chips Ahoy cookies).  They eat only lean protein (fish, skinless chicken, pork, beans and soy products).  They eat fresh fruit and avoid the frozen or canned variety as they often have added sugar.  And lastly, they eat “healthy” fats such as those derived from avocados, olives, nuts and seeds.  Just remember, the best diet is one you can stay “on” forever.


15 Foods for Healthy Kidneys

kidneyHey…HEY!  It’s us, your hard-working kidneys and yeah, we know it’s been a while since we talked…like in forever, but we thought it was time to give you some advice about what types of food to eat in order to keep us filtering out the trash you put into our body (it ain’t just your body, you know).

It’s not easy processing 50 gallons of blood (yes, 50!) and filtering out 2 quarts of waste and extra water on a daily basis…we then send that waste to your bladder on its way to the great beyond.  As your body’s filtration system, we also help regulate the levels of sodium, phosphorus and potassium levels in your blood, so yeah, we’re fairly important internal organs that are often forgotten about…hence this little chat.

Yeah, we’re forgotten about until we begin to malfunction.  Yes, diabetes and high blood pressure can cause us serious problems, but many times our renal functions are compromised in a silent and slow process that eventually leads to chronic kidney disease which, often times, can be prevented by eating a balanced and healthy diet.  Ooops, almost forgot an important fact…chronic kidney disease can’t be cured once it’s taken hold.  You can only hope to prolong our “lives” as long as possible through treatment and diet.  Yeah, we suppose, God forbid, a kidney transplant is an option, but we’d both like to stay right where we’re at, thank you very much.

So where were we? …Oh yeah, kidney friendly foods out there that can prevent and/or treat kidney disease.  It’s all about self-preservation you know.  These foods generally contain moderate levels of protein and potassium, low levels of sodium, cholesterol, and fat and high levels of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories…yes, you guessed correctly, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables…you don’t need a PhD in nutrition to figure this stuff out!

  1. red-pepper-happyRed Bell Peppers – chock full ‘o vitamins A, C, and B6 and the antioxidant lycopene with low levels of potassium…heart healthy too.cauliflower-happy
  2. Garlic – contains anti-inflammatories and antioxidant qualities…just remember to follow it up with a mint…just sayin’.
  3. onion-winkOnions – wait, garlic AND onions…keep your distance.  Low in potassium, full of flavonoids, the antioxidant quercetin and chromium…cry us a river as you peel, but get us some onions!
  4. Apples – keep the doc away by eating these spheres of goodness that contain fiber, anti-inflammatories and which help reduce cholesterol.
  5. Through 9.  Berries – Think cran, blue, ras, and straw…most contain a ton of vitamin C, manganese, antioxidants, fiber and cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections.

10.cherries Cherries – are not the pits, they just contain them as well as phytochemicals which help
       reduce inflammation and antioxidants.
11. Egg Whites – OK, so get an egg separator already, but put in the work to get the amino acids and moderate amount of protein without the cholesterol and phosphorous
present in the yolks.
12. fish-cartoonFish – another good source of protein along with omega 3 fatty acids and fish is known
       to reduce LDL levels (the bad cholesterol) and raise HDL levels.
13. Kale – has become so popular that it’s now used as a name.  It’s also contains our good
       friends vitamin A and C, as well as iron and anti-inflammatories.
14. Olive Oil – think of Popeye’s board-like love interest as you cook with this healthy oil
       that contains oleic acid and polyphenols.
15.mushroom-30 Mushrooms – funny, we remember overhearing numerous men claim they were often
       treated like mushrooms by their significant other…kept in the dark and fed a lot of…
shall we say solid human waste product.  Anyway, they’re low in fat, calories, and
cholesterol and provide us with vitamin D, selenium and just the right amount of

So, to recap, just remember to eat some of these foods on a daily basis and we’ll provide you with our valuable filtration services for years to come…nice talk.


Top Ten Health Discoveries You Probably Missed

bionic-lens1. Bionic Vision – You probably never thought something would come along to give you super-vision. But this Canadian doctor has invented a lens for implantation in your eye that will give you exactly that.  “If you can just barely see the clock at 10 feet, when you get the Bionic Lens you can see the clock at 30 feet away,” says Webb.

You will be able to see close up, for reading, mid distance and long distance, with more clarity than ever before. The operation will take 8 minutes, and should be available in some areas in two years.

brain2. Talking to Computers – The US military is developing an interface between the human brain and computers. “The interface would serve as a translator, converting between the electrochemical language used by neurons in the brain and the ones and zeros that constitute the language of information technology”, says an article.

“The interface would serve as a translator, converting between the electrochemical language used by neurons in the brain and the ones and zeros that constitute the language of information technology. ” This new technology could potentially restore lost hearing or sight. Other diseases could potentially also be managed or cured. ALS, Parkinsons and others are possibilities.

light3. Pain Treated with Light –  Traditionally, severe pain is treated with opioid drugs like Oxycodone and Fentanyl. This has caused huge problems with addiction all across North America, and of course long-time use of opioids is bad for anyone’s system.

Now, scientists have discovered a way to trigger the opioid centers of the brain, using light. If this technology advances, perhaps opioids may no longer be necessary, and light would take their place.

With light, patients can get relief without the associated liver and kidney problems of long-term opioid use.

dog-sniff4. Dogs can Detect Cancer – And why not? Dogs can smell ten thousand times better than us.  That means they could detect a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water.  They are ideally adapted to smell an illness in a person.

German scientists tested two German shepherds, a Labrador retriever, and an Australian shepherd. Each dog sniffed the breath of 220 patients, correctly identifying lung cancer at a rate of 71 percent.

Dogs may not be used directly in disease detection, but scientists hope to use this knowledge to develop sensors to track and detect cancers.

sedasys5. Robot Anesthesiologist – A new machine called the Sedasys may one day replace anesthesiologists. For now, it is taking the place of an the expensive specialist in simple procedures like colonoscopies.

The machine administers sedatives and monitors the patient. In this way, one anesthesiologist can be responsible for several patients.  Do anesthesiologists like the new machine? No, they believe that nothing can take the place of their training and experience, a valid argument. But the machine is being used in four US hospitals now for colonoscopies, so technology is marching on.

organs-lab6.  Building Organs from Scratch – For years, scientists have wished for the ability to create new body parts in the lab. With the advent of 3D printers, this wish is turning into a reality.

This isn’t just any 3D printer, it’s a new, sophisticated machine which can fabricate human tissue of any sort. Think liver,  kidneys, arms and legs.  Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have developed this system. The new parts, when implanted into living tissue, become viable organs.

laughing7. Laughing Prevents Memory Loss – Laughing and having fun reduces stress. Scientists wondered if less stress would help relieve memory loss in seniors.

They tested a group of seniors by testing their memories, then having them watch a funny movie. Those who laughed at the movie tested better on the memory test after the film. Those who didn’t enjoy themselves fared less well.

The moral of this story is plain to see: Let go of anger and strife and enjoy yourself- less stress helps your life in all kinds of ways!

spine8. Paralyzed Limbs can Move Again with Brain Power –  Scientists in Washington are working on a new device to help paralyzed limbs work again. What a boon this would be for millins of people worldwide.

The schedule is to have clinical trials in about eight years, so it is not imminent. However, this technology builds upon tests done which made a paralyzed man walk. The new device would actually be implanted into the brain.

The device would then reconnect areas of the brain and nervous system that haven’t been communicating due to injury or stroke.

smoke-kills9. A Bacteria That Helps Smokers Quit – Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things people do. Many try it five or six times before making it. Part of it is the actual addiction, which is as strong as that to heroin. Part of it is the lifestyle around smoking.

Researchers have discovered a bacterial enzyme that kills nicotine before it ever gets to the brain. They hope that destroying nicotine before it gets to the brain and releases dopamine (the reward), they will help lessen the desire to smoke.

Time will tell if this latest quitting device will work. But if you still smoke, it’s important to find a way to quit. There are many reasons to quit smoking.

cefaly10. New Technology for Migraine Sufferers –  Two FDA-approved devices provide a different way to deal with migraine headaches. One is the Cephaly band, the other is called Spring TMS.

Cephaly is used daily to prevent the attacks. Spring TMS is used at the onset of the attack, at  the first sign of pain.


Frozen Food is as Healthy as Fresh!

frozen berriesAnd sometimes frozen produce is even healthier. That fact flies in the face of the common misconception out there that fresh produce from your supermarket is somehow healthier than frozen, and that’s simply not true. In fact, two recent studies conducted in Britain found that some frozen fruits and vegetables were “…richer in health-boosting vitamins and antioxidants.” These studies found that, for example, frozen broccoli had four times the beta-carotene and frozen carrots had higher levels of vitamin C and polyphenols than their “fresh” counterparts.

limp celerySo how could we all have gotten this so wrong? What the British studies, and similar studies conducted by Rice University and the University of California at Davis discovered was that “fresh” does not always equate to picked yesterday. Supermarket produce is almost always picked prior to becoming ripe and permitted to ripen in storage and during shipment. Thus, these fruits and veggies were picked weeks before they reach your kitchen and the longer they sit off the tree, bush, vine or out of the ground, the more nutrients they lose.

oranges-1117644_960_720On the other hand, much of the produce that’s destined to be frozen is permitted to reach the peak of ripeness, which is also its time of optimum nutrition, prior to being picked. Think of this as cryogenic freezing that keeps the produce perpetually young, immortal, if you will, until it’s thawed and ultimately enjoyed.

The nutrient studies cited above also found that florescent lights, such as those in a supermarket, and the darkness of your fridge, where much of your produce sits for days prior to being consumed, can screw with the circadian clocks of the fruits and veggies. This artificial light and darkness causes the peaches-825564_960_720produce to “produce” (couldn’t resist) fewer cancer fighting glucosinolates.

So, unless you own an extensive fruit and vegetable garden on par with a small farm, or visit a farmer’s market on an almost daily basis (and that’s often impossible during the winter and early spring months), freshly picked and quickly frozen produce, such as the type used here at, can more than meet your nutritional needs.


Busting Myths- 20 Nutrition Myths Debunked – Eat Right!

There is so much information on the internet these days, and of course, not all of it is right. Here are twenty nutrition myths that have been debunked by our very own Michelle, our Registered Nutritionist Dietitian.

1. Kale is the healthiest vegetable ever in the history of man-and woman-kind. Not True! In fact any list of the top ten healthy greens will show that kale doesn’t even make the list. Sure, it has a lot of lutein, which helps your eyesight, but you need more than lutein, you also need zeaxanthin, and that combo can best be found in egg yolks, kiwi fruit, spinach, orange juice, zucchini, and grapes. If you like kale, continue eating it, it’s good for you as are all leafy greens. But if you’re looking for the most nutritional value out of a leafy green, good old spinach is your best bet. Your mom was right again, don’t you hate that? Chinese cabbage, chard and watercress are even better. But who knows what to do with watercress? watercress
2.  night-fridge Eating late at night will make you fat. Nope, not true. What science has determined is that the time of day has nothing to do with how your body burns calories. However, if you tend to eat a slice of cheesecake before bed, that in itself will make you gain weight, eaten morning, noon or night. If you missed supper and want to eat it late, and if it’s part of your healthy diet, not to worry. The scientists say that is a-ok.
3. Eating eggs raises your cholesterol. Boy, did the egg farmers hate this one! A study shows that cholesterol in food is a minor factor contributing to high blood cholesterol for most people, and studies have not confirmed a correlation between eggs and increased heart-disease risk. The Mayo Clinic says, “Most healthy people can eat up to seven eggs a week with no increase in their risk of heart disease. Some studies have shown that this level of egg consumption may actually prevent some types of strokes. But the story is different for people who have diabetes.”  eggs
4.  frozen-fruit2 Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are more nutritious than frozen. If you are lucky and talented enough to have a great garden from which you can get your food and cook it right away, then this may be true. But most of us pick up our fruit and veggies in the supermarket. Those items, while fresh and good-tasting, may be several days old and well-travelled, and may have been picked before ripe, which means they have already lost some nutrients. Frozen fruits and vegetables go from field to nearby processing station, and that means they have as many or more nutrients as the fresh ones. And some frozen items are just as good as fresh when used in a recipe.
5. You’ll burn more calories by eating many small meals per day. No, you’ll burn the same number of calories by eating the usual three meals a day, with healthy snacks. For some people this may work for weight loss, and hey, whatever works, if it’s healthy, do it! But scientifically, the calories burned are the same. In fact, eating several small meals doesn’t let your body burn fat, as it’s constantly releasing insulin. What kind of hungry are you? is a terrific blog post you should read about hunger.  small-meal
6.  buy-coffee Coffee is unhealthy. You coffee addicts are going to be so happy. Coffee is loaded with antioxidants, as well as other compounds that actually may make you live longer. So raise your cup to healthy living, and drink coffee!! Stay away from the cream, though.
7. Eating Low Fat or Fat Free foods is healthier and better for weight loss. Unfortunately, if manufacturers remove fat, which, let’s face it, is where the flavor is, they have to add in other unhealthy things like thickeners and flavors, and chemicals. And that adds just as many calories. A study in Canada showed, “claims such as “100 per cent fat free,” “zero grams of fat,” “low in fat,” “lean” or “extra lean,” contain “minimal to nil” fewer calories…Numerous studies have shown that what matters in weight loss is the total number of calories consumed per day, and not the specific food or “macronutrient” such as fats, protein or carbs”, said Dr. David Lau, a professor of medicine at the University of Calgary. lowfatTrue Low fat! >>
8.  lowcarb Low carb diets are bad for you. There are all kinds of websites out there touting one diet over another. The truth is that either low-fat or low-carb diets will work if you stick to them, and neither of them has long-term health effects. Use the one that works for you, sick to it, and learn lessons from it on how to eat in the future to maintain your fantastic shape. And don’t forget to exercise!
9. Low cholesterol foods are healthier. Our bodies regulate cholesterol. If we eat more, the body produces less. If we eat less, the body produces more. Even the US government agrees!
10.  low-chol We should detox a couple of times a year. No, please don’t. These diets claim to clean toxins out of your liver and colon, clear your skin and energize you. But the body detoxes itself. It is designed to do so. What people feel- more energy, etc., likely is from going from a bad diet to a more healthy one. Don’t believe? Listen to what US scientists say.
11. Everyone should eat less sodium. Scientific American said in its 2011 article, “It’s Time to End the War on Salt!“. And in 2013, a study showed that Low-sodium diets may not be as beneficial as previously thought. And the America Journal of Hypertension said in a 2014 study that “Systematic Review of Health Outcomes in Relation to Salt Intake Highlights the Widening Divide Between Guidelines and the Evidence”. Which in non-science-speak means that guidelines on salt might be out of date, and that not everyone needs to lower their salt intake.   low-sod
12.  joke-1 Bread and other carbs have to be avoided. Healthy carbs are an essential part of a healthy diet. You should definitely eat carbs, and you should also eat them in healthy quantities. The problem is highly-refined carbohydrates, those you usually find at the open-24-hours store. Twinkies, poptarts, sugary cereals, all these are bad carbs. But the right kind of carbohydrates can boost your health!
13. Raw veggies are better than cooked. Not true, according to various scientific studies. In fact, cooked foods often supply more of what you need in terms of nutritional goodness. For instance, boiling and steaming increase antioxidants. Cooking carrots increases their beta-carotene, which gets converted to Vitamin A in your body. So chow down on raw and cooked vegetables, and enjoy!  veg
14.  sweet-nuff Sugar causes diabetes. While being overweight can contribute to your getting type 2 diabetes, and eating too many sugary foods can lead to weight gain, the American Diabetes Association assures us that eating sugar itself can’t cause diabetes. They highly recommend limiting your intake of sugary beverages like soda, fruit drinks and energy drinks. They say that, “Research has shown that drinking sugary drinks is linked to type 2 diabetes”.
15. Cancer cells feed on sugar. This is a myth, says the Cancer Society. But it may indirectly cause cancer by contributing to obesity. By the way, they also say that non-nutritive sweeteners also do not cause cancer. Be smart, eat limited amounts of both.  sugar-poison
16.  steak Avoid red meat at all costs. Don’t! Meat is delicious, full of nutrition and our bodies are made to eat it. We’re carnivores, and avoiding meat makes no sense unless you have to or are avoiding it for personal reasons. Authority Nutrition says, “There are no proven health benefits to avoiding meat.”
17. Calories are calories. We’ve all thought for a long time that calories in-calories out=calorie deficit/addition. In other words, simplistically, if I need 2000 calories a day to function, and I cut that back to 1500 calories a day, I’ll lose weight. And I will. But it’s not as simple as that. The foods we eat can have a huge impact on the biological processes that govern when, what and how much we eat. Read more here.  calorie
18.  ban-hfcs High fructose corn syrup will kill you dead. High Frucose Corn Syrup has been in the news and on commercials since 2004, when Dr. Barry Popkin associated it with the obesity epidemic. Singling out HFCS turned out to be unjustified, Popkin now admits. “Dozens of human studies on HFCS and energy intake and weight change show that our hypothesis was wrong.” He does suggest, however, that it is because of ALL the sugars now prevalent in our diet. He says that calorie-free sweeteners are just as bad, and that the sweet drinks we all imbibe are the worst things of all. Little to no sugar or fake sugar is the aim. But so hard to turn away from the sweetness.
19. The Quinoa craze is hurting the Peruvians and Bolivians. The South Americans who grow quinoa have never been happier. They are making money, and changing their lives. What may hurt them is if the crop goes worldwide, and there are people working on their side.  quinoa-farmer
20.  coc-oil Coconut Oil is the best thing ever. Coconut oil is still a fat, and it has all the benefits and hazards of fats. It’s high in calories, and numerous reports show that it also raises LDL (bad) cholesterol just like other saturated fats, such as butter.



10 Tips for getting in Shape

The festivities are over, now really over even if they lasted an extra month, as they did for some of us. They came with a lot of fun and consequently, a little or a lot of weight gain.


Now it is the time to make changes, and losing weight is the first task in your to-do list. However, working out regularly and toning up can be very challenging. Here are some great ideas, the Top Ten Workout Routines!

A good workout routine needs a little innovation and a lot of motivation to easily make it a habit. Here are top ten ways that will get you moving and staying healthy all year long:

Running and swimming

Swimming and running may be considered two separate workout routines. However, when done together, they will help you maintain fitness and use some of those neglected muscle groups. When your body is mobile, you will lose a good amount of weight.

Walking tied with yoga

Walking is a well-known exercise that should be incorporated into every workout routine. When walking and yoga are tied together, they could provide similar health benefits to weightscycling. This keeps you very fit.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is not all about being buffed and chiseled. Contrary to what people believe, weight lifting is a good workout routine that helps you burn fat.

ell-kickElliptical and kick boxing

Elliptical machines are used to stimulate climbing, walking and running. This kind of exercise should be paired with kick boxing because the two will help lose weight twice as fast than an ordinary exercise would.

Eat healthy

Losing weight will get you in good shape; therefore, you need to consume fewer calories than what is needed to maintain your weight. Exercise alone does not cut it.

mountaineerMountain Climbing

This may be the best exercise to incorporate into your daily workout routine because it does not require any special equipment. Mountain climbing is advantageous as it tones your body thus burns fat quickly.

Hiking and brisk walking

Running and brisk walking easily improves your fitness every time you do it. The ideal way is to hike then brisk walk for a few minutes in between intervals.


dancing2When you do not use all of your muscles on a daily basis, simple activates such as climbing the stairs may be strenuous for you. Constant stretching and using resistance training plans will help you burn fat, get in shape and stay that way for life. This should be done on a daily basis.

Playing tennis

Although this may be an underrated exercise, running after the tennis ball will help you get into shape. Tennis helps you strengthen your muscles and easily lose weight.


Dancing is often considered as a fun activity. However, it does not matter whether you are dancing in a night club or are slow dancing. Anytime you move your body, you will burn excessive calories.

Staying in good shape will help you to improve your health and be confident in your own skin. Try out these proven routines and you are well on your way to being in perfect shape!