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So You Think You Can Dance?

As I get a little older,  I am more inspired by all the seniors who are making their lives unique, interesting and delightful. This lady, Dorothy Kloss, take that to a whole other level.

So how do I tie this into a blog about MagicKitchen.com? Good question!  My intent here is to show what a good life we can all have by eating right, exercising and having a great outlook.

We’re all getting excited here about the new menu that’s coming out early next month. More healthy meals are making their way onto the website and into your freezers.

I don’t want to give away the new products just yet, but think tender meats, fresh seafood, and comforting breakfast dishes. Then picture tantalizing pastas and toothsome desserts. That’s what we’re looking forward to!

Now, let’s all get out there and dance!  It doesn’t have to be dancing, but walk, swim, whack a tennis ball, play some basketball, do whatever your body can do that you enjoy.  Studies show that regular exercise, as little as walking briskly for 30 minutes a day, can make a huge difference in your overall health.