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The Giving Season – 6 ideas for feel-good gifts

What do we all really want to do this season? We want to get into the spirit, and give as much as we can. It’s human nature, and it’s what makes us beautiful.  It makes us feel good, and it helps people around us, so what could be bad?

MagicKitchen.com is proud to partner Graham’s Foundation year-round. Graham’s Foundation provides care packages designed for the needs of parents of micro-preemie babies, and we provide gift certificates to go into those packages.

1. Give a gift of delicious frozen meals for a local senior. We provide a $10 discount for seniors, so a gift certificate is an excellent choice.

2. A donation to Graham’s Foundation will help the parents of a micro-preemie baby. Make a donation in the name of a friend!

3. Dedicate a Tree – Dedicating a tree is an unusual and eco friendly gift that will last for years to come. Check it out at  www.plantatreeusa.com. You get to give a nice certificate.

4. Adopt a Dolphin – Ocean Conservation Society provides an adoption certificate, along with a booklet.

5.  Name a Star – Ideal for anyone who’s into astronomy, the International Star registry gives you a star chart with the location and coordinates of your star. OK, this doesn’t actually give anything to anyone but the service, and your named star won’t be recognized by the International Astronomical Union, but this is just plain cool.

6. Send Christmas Dinner – Do you know someone spending Christmas alone?  There are few things as lonely, and nobody wants to cook  big dinner for themselves. Our Best of the Season Meal bundle provides a comforting Turkey dinner with dessert that’ll leave them with leftovers.