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8 Guilty Pleasures

Holiday time means we let ourselves go! Otherwise what would we have to make New Year’s Resolutions about? Here are ten guilty pleasures to indulge in this season.

Moms discuss their guilty pleasures:

  1. Desserts: The number one guilty pleasure has to be desserts. Say no more, we have some amazing ones that ship right to your door.
  2. Lingerie: Check out some of Victoria’s Secret sleepwear. Sexy and comfy, win-win!!
  3. Sleep/Relaxation: One of the luxuries we deny ourselves is actually a life necessity. Give yourself, a friend or a spouse a day or hours off, to allow them to relax and recoup their energy.
  4. Spa: Or go directly to relax, do not pass go!!  Find the most high-end spa in your town and give yourself an afternoon of pampering.
  5. Ice Cream: A scoop of creamy ice cream (my favorite is and always has been Mocha Chocolate Almond). What’s your pick?
  6. Movie night at home: Get your favorite person to join you. Get your favorite old flicks like Dirty Dancing, Grease, Monty Python’s Holy Grail (or Mean Streets, Taxi Driver and Goodfellas, my old favorites), get in your jammies, crack a bottle of wine, pop some popcorn and close the blinds. Enjoy!
  7. Chocolate!: Everyone’s -or at least every womans’- secret delight. We can accommodate you with our new Chocolate Lover’s bundle.
  8. Pizza! It also deserves an exclamation mark.  Whether it’s your favorite local custom pizza place, a national chain or your best homemade recipe, pizza with its drippy cheese, warm soft bread crust, and decadent toppings is one of the all-time guilty pleasures.

Go ahead, drop the guilt and indulge in one or all of these guilty pleasures.  2011  will be here all too soon.

Melody, MagicKitchen.com blogger