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Why New Parents Love Our Delicious Pre-prepared Meals


Chicken Artichoke
Chicken Artichoke

It’s another top ten list! The top ten reasons Why New Parents Love Our Delicious Pre-prepared Meals.

10. They are so easy to prepare! Most of them just get popped into the microwave for a few minutes, and dinner’s on the table.

9. No dishes! You can actually eat out of the tray they’re delivered in, or use a plate that goes into the dishwasher. No pots and pans!

8. Scrumptious Meals!

7. Delivered right to their door, so no shopping- more time to play or sleep!

6. The meals are healthy, made with top-quality fresh produce and ingredients.

5.  Our Guarantee-If anything you receive from arrives spoiled or damaged it will be replaced at our expense. Any meals you try that do not meet your satisfaction will either be credited or replaced in your next order.

4. Our Meal Programs have no minimums and no contract, and delivery is free (For regular orders placed every 30 days or less and at $100 or more), so meals can be delivered every month!

Dutch Apple Pie

3.  Parents get regular meals, stay healthier.

2.  Desserts! Fabulous Desserts!

And the number one reason? They make great gifts, so people often buy the meals for new parents!

Melody, blogger


Meal Ideas for Couples without Children

Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo for two
Shrimp Fettucini Alfredo for two

You could be a senior couple whose children have left the nest, or a younger couple who happens to be childless. Either way, it’s hard sometimes to come up with meal ideas that don’t leave leftovers. Here are some recipes and tips just for you!

  1. Of course the number one recommendation is to order frozen meals online from With the large and ever-changing menu, you’re sure to find meals you’ll agree on! Like us on Facebook!
  2. Here are some gourmet recipes for two: Food Network Meals for Two.
  3. On quiet weekends, you might enjoy these breakfast recipes for two.
  4. Trying to stay healthy? Here are some healthy recipes for two.
  5. Here are some different  healthy recipes for two.
  6. If you love to travel and want great recipes for two, bookmark this blog about food and travel.
  7. Enjoy this list of tips for planning healthy meals for one or two.
  8. Looking for vegetarian recipes? Look no further than this site with vegetarian recipes for one or two.
  9. Here’s a blog with Vegan recipes for two.
  10. Are you on Facebook? Get daily updates on recipes for two.

I hope you’ve enjoyed investigating these sites- happy cooking!

Melody- blogger




Meals for the Elderly

Here is a topic that we begin to think about in our 50’s or 60’s. Our parents are getting older, they often aren’t eating right, and we’re justifiably concerned. Perhaps we’ve lost a parent, and the other is adjusting to living alone and doesn’t cook. Whatever the circumstances,  it’s important for elderly people to eat well. Proper nutrition helps them stay alert, keeps their bones healthy, gives them energy and helps keep their immune system strong.

Here are ten great ideas for helping to keep your elderly parents eating right.

  1.  Go through cooking magazines or cookbooks with them. What pictures or descriptions make them pay attention? Make a list of the kinds of meals they’re interested in, and either bring in the ingredients with some recipes, or make the meals and freeze them for your parent.
  2. Get them on a senior meal program at
  3. Sometimes a dimming of vision makes the meals they have look “blah”. Try adding pops of color with red bell peppers, carrots or snow peas.
  4. If they have a restricted diet, that may confuse them and make them feel they don’t know what to eat.’s MK Special Menu contains meals for restricted diets and the meals are well-liked and easy to serve.
  5. Try to eat with your lone parent as often as possible. Eating alone is no fun, and preparing and cleaning up for one seems to have no point. You know the feeling, if your spouse and children go away for a few days, how often do you cook a whole meal for yourself?
  6. Changing taste buds caused by medication or age can make foods taste bland. Try spicing the meals up- not with hot chiles, as likely your parent won’t like that, but with some fresh herbs or spices. Mint goes well with many foods, and can give a burst of freshness to a meal.
  7. If they love milkshakes, make them a delicious smoothie, and put in some healthy  additions like a little protein powder, banana, yogurt, raw honey, flax seeds, chia seeds (grind them up in the coffee grinder first),  or berries.
  8. Small portions with high nutrition. Older people don’t need high calories anymore, and don’t have large appetites. Give them small portions made with healthy ingredients.
  9. Small, frequent snacks. Keep such things as cheese, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, whole grain crackers, olives and lean lunch meats.
  10. Wine can be an appetite stimulant, a glass of wine before a meal may help get those taste buds fired up.

I hope these tips and the video have helped give you a few ideas on how to help out with meals for the elderly!

Melody blogger



After Funeral Meals

Beef Pot Roast
Beef Pot Roast from

We’ve all been in the situation where an acquaintance or friend passes away, and we’re not there to help out or sympathize with friends and family, but we’d like to help from afar. Here are several ideas for after funeral meals.

  1. Send meals. Easy to reheat, delicious, and with ready-made bundles of comfort food, this is an excellent gift for after funeral meals.
  2. Send a restaurant gift card to a restaurant local to the family.
  3. Send a Visa or Mastercard Gift Card and let the family decide what to buy. It could be for a local Trader Joes.
  4. Send an Edible Arrangement. The fresh fruit will be welcome in the midst off all those casseroles.
  5. Order and send a cupcake basket. Cupcakes are very popular right now, and come in amazing flavors.
  6. A cheese and cracker basket with a nice bottle of wine would be welcome,  perhaps to be consumed after all the guests leave, in a quiet family moment.

I hope you like my idea for things to send for after funeral meals.

Melody, blogger