What to Serve the Diabetic Santa

Santa Claus seated for Christmas DinnerWhat do you serve for Christmas dinner when you have a diabetic guest? You do not want to have two dinners on one table – one for everyone else and one for your special guest. That would be awkward. But you need your diabetic Santa to enjoy the meal like everyone else.

Relax. MagicKitchen.com has a full menu of special diet meals, complete with a choice of main courses and side dishes, just for people with diabetes. The menu has everything you can expect on a Christmas dinner table, from meats, to fish and cheeses – besides the pasta, rice and noodles. Only you and the diabetic guest will know there is anything out of the ordinary on that table.

How to Choose the Right Food for a Diabetic Guest

People with diabetes are not supposed to eat foods that will upset their blood sugar levels. You can tell what those risky foods are by checking out the Glycemic Index. That is the nutritionist ranking of foods according to their effect on blood sugar. But you need not go that far. The bad foods are pretty obvious if you keep in mind that high sugar content and carbs are what you are avoiding.

So, forget candies, cookies, sodas and all sweet-tooth snacks like fries. Forget processed carbohydrates foods too – that is anything made from white flour like white bread and white rice.

french-green-beansBut, mercifully, people with diabetes can safely eat many kinds of ‘normal’ foods as long as the food is chosen carefully and cooked specially for them. For example, fried meats, fatty cuts, bacon, regular cheeses, poultry with skin and fried fish are bad for diabetes. Processed vegetables and fruits are also off the menu. Yet, fresh vegetables and fruits are perfectly safe – because they have no additives. So are certain cuts of meats and foods from wholesome wheat, rice or corn grains.

That is the secret of MagicKitchen.com’s HomeStyle diabetes meals. They include foods that seem so normal, only you and your diabetic Santa will know there is a special diet on the Christmas table. They include stewed and grilled beef, sweet and sour chicken, cod and shrimp. Even turkey is on the menu. Plus a variety of fruits, green and pinto beans, cauliflower, peas, mushrooms and whole grain pasta, rice and noodles.

Now everyone on the table can enjoy your Christmas dinner. Merry Christmas!