Ten Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Yes, there actually was a St. Valentine (or perhaps two) that lived in 3rd century Italy, was associated with courtly love, martyred (maybe) and then beatified on February 14th of God only knows what year.  He and his day were then promoted by the famous 14th century English poet, Geoffrey Chaucer and now, here we are, in 2018 still celebrating what St. Valentine and Chaucer wrought.

It is now a day to celebrate love and romance that greeting card companies, rose farmers and chocolate manufactures should thank the ghost of Chaucer for promoting.  Regardless, if you’re in a relationship, this day can be fraught with danger.  And if you’re currently a free agent (unattached) it only serves to remind you of that fact.  Given the title, perhaps all the free agents out there should just skip this week’s post…

Yeah, back to that title, here are ten simple and inexpensive ideas that serve to let your significant other know that you love and appreciate them and where these ideas “lead” is entirely up to you and your partner.

Indoor picnic – Preferably at night with all the romantic fixins’…blankets, candles, rose petals, throw pillows, oh yeah, don’t forget the food and drink also.  Or “go all the way” and have a night of glamping (glamorous camping) and add an indoor tent to the evening.

Hidden reminders of love – You just need to decide on the source of the reminder from sticky love notes to Hershey Kisses, to candy hearts, to any small item that lets your partner know you’re thinking about her/him.  Hide them in coat pockets, the car, shoes, the office (may require a bit of stealth), on your pet.  And if your partner doesn’t find them all on Valentine’s Day?  Who cares, he/she will find them eventually and they will probably mean more if they’re discovered on March 14th rather than February 14th.

Mid-day get away — Steal your partner away from the office for an unexpected lunch or, dare I say, more.  You might even have a hotel room stashed around the corner.  Just give the song “Afternoon Delight” a listen prior to executing this plan.

“Our songs” playlist – Every couple has a list of “their” songs, and not necessarily romantic ones, that define their relationship, whether it’s the first song you danced to or one you both equally despise.  Quick story, I was in the process of courting my wife and we were at a local watering hole in State College, PA.  A song came on and I was certain she was clueless as to who the artist was (this is before the age of cell phones) and I bet her that she could not identify the artist and the bet did NOT involve money (use your imagination).  To my surprise, she accepted the bet and promptly went over to the DJ and asked, “Who sings this song?”  I lost the bet, but we both won in the end.  From that point forward “Escape (the Pina Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes has been one of “our” songs.

Scary movie date night – Very similar to an indoor picnic, just with a scary movie or binge-watching episode.  Curl up on the sofa, dim the lights, pop some corn, pour some wine and bring up “It” or “Stranger Things” on the flat screen and just revel in each other’s company.

Animoto video gift – Just visit animoto.com, sign up, sign in and create your video using your own personal vids or photos while adding personalized text.  It’s a great way to make a retrospective of your relationship using old photos or videos that is sure to bring a tear to your partner’s eye.

Date night grab bag – Think of various date options, place them on cards and then place the cards in a bag or bowl.  Your partner then picks what you do for the evening…no backing out, either.  Try to avoid the normal “dinner and a movie” option.  How about visiting a jazz club or going to see a band that was popular when you both were in high school or hitting an indoor water park?  We have imaginations for a reason.  Live a little.

Plan, prepare and create – a child…no, just kidding.  That’s too easy.  A romantic dinner.  Sit down in consultation with your partner and do every step of the process together.  Plan the menu, shop for the ingredients, prepare and cook the meal, set the table and then enjoy being in the presence of your partner.

“Find me” scavenger hunt – Leave various clues for your partner as to your whereabouts, just don’t make it too difficult.  Then hide yourself wherever you like…the closet, your friend’s house, a hotel, a restaurant, a museum…you get the idea.  Then see where the evening takes you both.

Write “Our Story” – with the help of storybird.com.  You provide the words, Storybird provides the art.  You can write the entire story of your relationship or just a part of it.  The choices are only limited by your imagination.  Storybird can then create an e-version of your story or a hard copy.

There you go.  Have fun this Valentine’s Day with your partner no matter the what you decide (just stay away from chubby cherubs.  They’re kinda creepy if you ask me.)